Cream Shadow Comparisons - My Week of Reviews

For those who rode the wave of shadows with me - Thanks.  It has been fun.   A lot of makeup, lots of info and a hound dog impersonation to boot!

So how did the shadows stack up??

MAC right eye End of Day

Joe Fresh right eye End of Day

Maybelline right eye End of Day

Make up For Ever right eye End of Day
NYX right eye End of Day

Monday - MAC Paint Pot, C+
Tuesday - Joe Fresh Cream Eye Shadow, F
Wednesday - Maybelline Tattoo Eye Colour, B
Thursday - MUFE Aqua Cream, B+
Friday - NYX Jumbo Pencil, B+

Not a terrible group - I like to think that I covered various brands and price ranges.

I really did toss the Joe Fresh one, it was an awful experience.

Lets talk costs (also in per gram):

MAC, $21/5g, $4.20/g
Joe Fresh, $6/1.8g, $3.33/g
Maybelline, $6.49/6g, $1.08/g
MUFE, $25/6g, $4.17/g
NYX, $5.99/5g, $1.20g

I really am struggling with picking a clear winner.  In essence there are 4 that I would consistently use.  Noting that primer and a powder shadow on top is a requirement.  But when I look at the pictures, the NYX one looks to be the most intact!

MAC and MUFE would be ones I would buy less often, cost being the main factor.  If I was looking for a less expensive alternative with a colour range I would definitely go with NYX.  But there are a couple of Maybelline shadows I am going back to get.... I can't help it!



  1. Your shadow comparisons are great! Amazing that NYX performed the best. - Sheila, Painted Ladies


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