Week of Mascaras! - Tuesday, Stila Forever Your Curl

Both eyes two coats and bottom lashes
So here we are day 2 of my 5 days series on mascaras.  Today is a product that I picked up in a combo package from Sephora.

Stila forever your curl
Specifically Stila Forever Your Curl in Black.

Here's the direct quote from Sephora:
What it is:
A long-wearing mascara that curls lashes instantly and over time.

What it does:

This mascara features innovative lash-curl memory that continually curls lashes throughout the day and a proprietary curling resin that dries down and holds the curl of lashes for long-lasting results. A unique brush coats and extends each individual lash for eye-popping results. Its intense carbon black hue delivers a lush, dramatic lash line from base to tip.

Soooo...  Lots of great promises there hey?  How does it work on my eyes? (and I know everyone is different)

First we need to discuss the colour - Black.  One would think that black is just black... Oh no my dear friends, black is much more complicated than that in the world of mascara.  There is black, brown black, blue black, Night black, blackest black.  I could go on and on and on.  Suffice to say that when you try mascaras, the black is never the same.  Some could be classified as slate in cases. Personally, I love black mascara only.  The more dark and true the colour the better.  I sometimes even tint my lashes for that punch they so desperately need.
Let us talk about the fragrance.  I don't know about anyone else but there is a distinct aroma that comes from mine.  At first I was looking around wondering where this scent was coming from and then I realized.  I have never used a particularly pungent mascara before.  So that makes me want to say meh...

But I digress and soldiered on.

Narrow rubber wand
As you can see the wand is fairly narrow and again a rubber material.  For a klutz like me, this is a two hooray so I can avoid bumping against my lid, cheek, or other area that I seem to touch.
One coat right eye (your left)

One coat gives my lashes a pop.  And a distinct curl.  I admit I do pre-curl my lashes but this mascara does add to it. 

And when I add a second coat I see (although you may not) a more exaggerated defining of the lashes and hooray for that.  If you look closely, there is little in the way of clumping together of the lashes for the second coat which again garners a hooray.

Two coats right eye
After two coats on top and one on the bottom lashes here is the result.

I didn't make a mess and I feel that they give the lashes a inky look which is what I want to achieve.

Let us talk price.  On Sephora's website it is listed at $22USD which I would assume would be about $25-26CDN.  But if you can get the lashstash it is more than worth the money (I think mine was $35 for the whole kit).  That's a meh.

So the final verdict:

Hoorays - 4
Mehs - 2

Will I buy again?  I think it's a maybe.

Stay tuned for tomorrows review of Covergirl lash perfection!


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