Series of Shadows (Cream/Creme) - Wednesday Maybelline Colour Tattoo Shadow

Geez.... Day 3 has to be better than Day 2.  I cannot believe that I went on public transit with makeup leeching down my face.  Look at the dedication!!!!

Today's shadow is the Maybelline Colour Tattoo Shadow in Tough as Taupe.  While there was 2 or 3 fabulous colours I wanted to try, I decided to purchase the neutral one as I would be wearing it to work (and today is conservative day).

So at 7:00am this is what I discovered:

Goes on lovely, very build-able and sets well.  As with the others, my right eye was primed with the Too Face Shadow Insurance.  Applied first with the MAC 242 and blended with the MAC 217 brushes.

Also applied Hourglass Film Noir Mascara.  Liner was Teddy by MAC for tight-lining.  Foundation was a Lancome Teint Idole.
Eyes at 7am.  Right lid primed (your left)

I checked my lids at about:
  • 1230pm and there was slight creasing...  Very slight in fact. 
  • 230pm and no further creasing
  • 530pm there is some creasing and pooling, especially on the primed eye.  Some leeching under the eyes.  Very slight. The product is disappearing from my lids
These were taken about 700pm.
Right (primed) eye at 7am

Primed eye at 7pm
Left (un-primed) eye at 7am

Un-primed eye at 7pm

By 700pm this eye makeup was done!  Pooled in my crease and doesn't appear that the primer made much difference in the end.  There wasn't much leeching underneath my eyes but not much left on my lid though.

Price:  4g at $6.49CDN

Would I buy again?  Yes.  While it did crease, it didn't perform any worse than the others thus far and they do have some great colours.
I really am starting to believe that I need to set the cream with a powder shadow.  But I won't for the purposes of these reviews.  I want simple and feel that I should be able to have cream shadow be enough!

Grade: B

Stay tuned for Make Up Forever tomorrow!!!




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