Series of Shadows (Cream/Creme) - Tuesday Joe Fresh Cream Shadow

Full Eye Makeup
Day Two sees me trying Joe Fresh (sold in Atlantic Superstores or equivalent throughout Canada).  I have tried their cheek stain and love it, so I said what the heck and added one of their shadows to my shopping cart.  While not a terribly large amount of shadow, it is certainly adequate and is encased within a sturdy container.

Again, for the sake of this experiment, I decided to prime one eyelid (again with the Too Faced Shadow Insurance) and leave the other bare except for the shadow.  I added it with my MAC 242 brush and blended it with my MAC 217 brush.  It applied and blended very well, and I took care to apply it lightly and layer it as it was a darker colour.

No powder shadow was added, just a little gel eyeliner on the tight-line and close to the upper lashes.  Also applied my new mascara NYX Doll Face.  Liner was BlackTrack by MAC for tight-lining.  Foundation was a Lancome Teint Idole.

Eyes as of 730am:

Right eye (Primed with Too Faced Shadow Insurance)

Right (primed) eye

I will tell you that this eyeshadow was a train wreck.  It was completely creased by 930 and by 1pm started leeching down towards my cheeks.  I resisted touching up as I wanted to see how bad it would get.

Pretty darned bad...

Left (unprimed) eye

Left (unprimed) eye

The one benefit is that it further solidifies that the Too Faced Shadow Insurance does work.  However, it is not infallible with a bad product!

Number one I look like a hound dog.  And before you wonder, I used the NYX waterproof mascara which I know does not slip down (see review on that).

I could not scrub it off fast enough.

Tossed in garbage and never to repurchase.

Cost for 1.8g was $6CDN.

Grade:  F

Stay tuned tomorrow for the review of the Maybellline Colour Tattoo.


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