Series of Shadows (Cream/Creme) - Friday NYX Jumbo Pencils

So here we are on Friday...  Another week another set of reviews.  I have been having so much fun doing this...  Maybe next week will be a combo of gardening and baking (including Chocolate Crack - it's famous!)

"Back to the makeup you fool!", says you.  OK!  Here we go....

Pic of Stick
Swatch on my hand

Today's review features NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil (remember my Doll Eye Mascara Review). I have this pencil in Milk and French Fries.  Today is a French Fries kinda day.

Here is what NYX says on their site:

Eye Pencil - Jumbo
Eyeshadow and eyeliner all in one with creamy easy to blend formula that glides on like silk and lasts all day

Lori's Experiment of the Day

It's 700am and I am dog tired.  What to do, what to do.  Let's see.... Foundation: Gosh Lift Me Up.  Mascara:  YSL Volume Mascara (from my February TopBox). MAC Photogravure Technakohl liner for tighlining. and Joe Fresh Cheek Stain in Cherry for... well... Cheeks.

Eyes?  NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in French Fries!  It is a very creamy (lol) formula so I like to apply it to the back of my hand and then use a MAC 242 or MAC 217 to apply to the lid area.  The risk by applying straight to my lid is that I use a heavy hand.  Start light and build to the intensity I want. Of course, I primed my right eye with Too Faced Shadow Insurance to see if the primer can make a difference.

It goes on fabulously.  Surprising smooth for a pencil!  And buildable, can be sheer'ed out as needed.  Promising start.  I will say the primed eye has a bit more of a colour intensity.

Both lids done.  Right eye primed (your left)
Right (primed) eye

Left (un-primed) eye

I checked my lids at about:
  • 1200pm and there was some creasing on each eye.  Noticeable but not terrible.  No leeching down underneath the eyes.
  • 230pm. Same amount of creasing and colour disappearing from the lids. Not noticeable unless my eyes are closed.
  • 500pm. No further creasing or disappearance of colour.
  • 930pm. Slightly more creasing and loss of colour.

Results at 6:30pm 

Right (primed) eye

Left (unprimed) eye
A couple of things I have learned:
  • The NYX pencil actually performed quite well under the circumstances.  That said, people (myself included) have used the Jumbo pencil in Milk (matte white) as a primer and I really can't recommend that for folks with lids like mine.;
  • In the case of using Milk as a primer my method is to prime with a eye primer such as TF Shadow Insurance or US Primer Potion (or your favourite), add a layer of Milk (adding it to my hand and buffing it on using a brush) then adding powder shadow. Milk intensifies the colour of the shadow and acts as a further base.  Does it crease? Yes, but it lasts much longer.; and
  •  They have a great range of colours (24 in Canada, 37 in the US)

Again, the primer made some difference to the staying power but again it eventually creased.

Cost for 5g (0.18
oz) is   $5.99CDN or $4.50USD at most stores or online.

Will I purchase again?  Yes I would (and have).  I would love to see more matte colours, but that is always my request.

Grade is B+. It is very creamy for a pencil, very inexpensive and easy to bring with you for touch ups.

I have 2 short posts to follow on this series:

  1. An overall comparison
  2. A followup on one (which one?) with primer and powder shadow on top.


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