Week of Mascaras! - Wednesday, CoverGirl LashPerfection

Both eyes plus lower lashes
Hello Wednesday and welcome to the CoverGirl LashPerfection review.  After 2 days of higher-end offerings I wanted to do a mascara that can be found almost anywhere.  Coming from a place that had lawtons, shoppers, sears, zellers and walmart, you use what you can get and CoverGirl is just about everywhere.

This isn't the mascara you remember from the 80's ladies...  The days of clumpy mascara with the Tammy Faye outcome is no longer the only option.  Admittedly CoverGirl was the reason I went off mascara in the early 90's (oh and Maybelline).

Back story
A lovely lady named Agnieszka who is the Head Beauty Advisor at my local Lawton's listens to me every day come in and ramble about makeup.

I can at any moment chat about makeup.  I am not a Make Up Artist, an esthetician or work in that industry at all.  I just wear it, and talk about it incessantly.  I like to play with make up and try to improve what has evolved over the last 39 years of living.

Back to Agnieszka, I went into the shop one day on a mission for a drugstore mascara.  I had just purchased a ridiculously expensive one and it sucked...  I wanted to try something else, something priced for the normal person and not the female version of Midas.  Agnieszka is always ready with some advice and steered me to a couple of options but I decided to try the lashperfection.  The seller?  The rubber wand - the best thing CoverGirl ever did was to have a sample of the wand on display so I can see.  Brilliant!!
CG Lashperfection in Very Black

Rubber Wand
Packaging is pretty plain but I don't frame'em so I don't care.  One thing I really like about this container is that when you pull the wand out there is literally no globs on it.  Big Hooray for me as that is a pet peeve of mine.

Rubber wand - Hooray!  Although much bigger than the Stila, it does the job I don't have mascara splashes on the cheeks.

I actually don't  like too much product on the wand when applying, I like the control of the mascara and less is more for me.

One coat of the mascara is plenty for daytime I think, but I have gone two coats when I have getting ready for a night on the town.

Side note:  Never ceases to amaze me how much a curl and coat of mascara changes my eyes.  I look like rubbish without it!   Now I just need a good concealor and technique to hide those circles and creases under the eyes!!!
One coat right eye (your left)
two coats on right eye (your left)

As you can see from the one and two coat pictures, the mascara does add a pop without the clumping and necessity to comb through.  Hooray!

Let us talk price.  I have see this product anywhere from $10.99CDN to $15.99CDN which puts it in the manageable side of the street.  Hooray!

So the final verdict:

Hoorays - 4

Will I buy again?  Yes.  Definitely.  No question.

Come back for tomorrow's mascara - Buxom!!!


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