Series of Shadows (Cream/Creme) - Monday MAC Paint Pot

Full eye makeup
I decided with the new technology being touted by cosmetics companies that I would do a series on creme/cream eyeshadows.  I have a selection of both higher end and drug store varieties to review.  My problem (as I have written about before is oily eyelids and creasing.  Would creme/cream eyeshadow be the answer?

Let us start with today's offering MAC Paint in Moss Scape.  It is a beautiful colour.  A lovely olive green with gold. Very creamy and easy to apply with finger or synthetic brush (I use the MAC 242 shader brush).  It also blends very well with a blender brush such as MAC's 217.  For the sake of this test (and that it was a sunday) I did not layer powder shadow on top of the Moss Scape.  I did put primer (Too Faced Shadow Insurance) on the right eye  - your left only.

MakeUp at 10:00am
Hooded eyes so I have to look surprised

Have Primer on the right eye (your left)
 As I said, it is a gorgeous colour (sadly retired) and very easy to apply.  I have Painterly, Bare Canvas, Artifact and Groundwork but I was feeling the green.  Also applied my new mascara NYX Doll Face.  Liner was Teddy by MAC for tight-lining.  Foundation was a Lancome Teint Idole.

 MakeUp at 10:52pm
Not horrible for 13 hours later

Oh dear

Eye with primer

Eye without primer
Soooo....  It started creasing, especially on the left eye lid (unprimed) about 2 hours in but purposely stopped looking at them until the end of the day.  You can see pooling in the crease and the virtual disappearance of shadow on the lid.

Mascara held up though!!

Cost:  For 5 g / 0.17 fl oz it is $21CDN or $17.50USD

Final verdict.  Maybe if I set with powdered shadow it would improve slightly but wow, I am disappointed.  I typically only use this colour for going out so it usually only stays on a couple of hours anyway.  Certainly did not stand up to a full day. 

Grade: C+.  Great colour, lovely texture, but it creased and it pretty pricey per gram.

Will I buy again?  I cannot say no, but I am not sure I say yes either!

Tomorrow is Joe brand in Slate!



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