Week of Mascaras! - Monday, Urban Decay Supercurl

Both eyes, two coats and bottom lashes

For years I fought against mascara.  I couldn't apply it, it was gloopy and ran down my face.  I would guess that over the 5years I have purchased no less than 30 distinct (and different) mascara formulations and from different companies.  But if I don't like it in the first try, I usually turf it.  What a waste!!!  So this time I am going to try a multitude of mascaras and ask you to join in and offer suggestions on brands, types and techniques to apply.  You will see quickly that I suck at it....

So for 5 days in March and for 5 days in April I will try a different mascara.  Judge my eyes and tell me what you think.  It's not all about me! (Well mostly, but not ALL).

Brand #1 in this weeks test is Urban Decay Supercurl Mascara.  I received it in a mascara combo pack from Sephora just after the Christmas Holidays.

Here is what in on the UD website when describing this mascara:
"Perfectly sculpted lashes get boost, separation and tons of pretty curl from our Supercurl Curling Mascara, and they’ll last all day!"
UD Supercurl Travel Size
One coat right eye (left when you look at it)
So lets talk about the wand and the formulation.  I will tell you straight up that I like the rubbery wand and the wetter formulation.  I really, really struggle with the bristles and the creamy consistency.  I always find it clumpy. If you notice from the picture of the wand there is very little in the way of a clump at the top tip or within the bristles of the wand.  So that part is a hooray for me.

As for applying, the wand is curved which for me is a good and bad thing.  Good because it does create a slight curl but a bit challenging for me as I have a tendency to touch my skin with the wand and have mascara everywhere so a curvy one just messes up my depth perception.  There is little clumping when applied on the first coat.  So again a hooray.

Two coats right eye
Then came the two coats.  And while it made a slight difference in the intensity, it does not appear to make such a huge impact.  But I am not one to endlessly go over my lashes.  I make sure they are coated and then I walk away.  I did find that after the second coat I needed to comb through them with my eyelash comb to separate the lashes.  A problem I did not find with coat #1.  They stayed separated.   Maybe I need to wait in between coats?  Comment below with advice - I need it! 2 coat results - Meh.

So does it make my eyes pop?  I think it does.  Especially when you compare the picture of one coat and one eye bare.  Do I need a second coat?  For the effort, I don't think it makes that big of a difference.

Will I repurchase?  I like it, I don't deny it.  But let's try some others before I commit!!!

Price of this mascara is $24CDN or $20USD for the full size.  Not as expensive as some I have to try, but still an investment!  Price - Meh


Hoorays -  2
Mehs - 2

Stay tuned to tomorrow when I review Stila Forever your Curl!!



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