March 2012 GlossyBox Overview and Review

So here we are... the end of month 1 of the reviews of all 4 beauty sample offerings currently available to Canada.  The final one for this month is GlossyBox.

All of the March subscribers were contacted earlier this month with regard to a delay in this months box.  Apparently one of the items had the pleasure of an extended stay in Canadian Customs.  As a token of goodwill GlossyBox issued each of us 250 Glossydots (1/4 of the dots required for a free box).  Very lovely gesture and very smart business.  It's early days yet and when building a brand it is imperative to keep the current clients happy - word of mouth can be a blessing or a b*tch. Maybe swapping something planned for the April box would have been a option (which I am sure was considered). 

I have rambled enough - on to the box.  I will admit that the February box (from the review I read) were very nice, so I was eagerly waiting for this one.  I was not in any way disappointed...  When you look at it realistically I paid $15, why would I complain about getting only double of triple or quadruple my money's worth?

Outside box

Inside the outer box

Very stylish and sleek

What is under that black envelope?
The box is just sweet, a very subtle pink with the GlossyBox logo in the top.  Inside the black tissue paper tied with pink grosgrain ribbon was this: 

Items included

  • AVEENO Daily Moisturizing Lotion
  • BAILEY Fresh Lip Gloss in Berry
  • EVIAN Brumisateur Facial Spray
  • PANDORAS's Blush in St. Tropez
  • SEBASTIAN Re-Shaper Hairspray
  • ALGEMARIN Foam Bath

Let's have a closer look shall we?

Items in the black envelope
Basically the 4 items in the envelope were the Glossy Box info card, a promo code for Pandora's Makeup Box (website), Info card on the Bailey lip gloss and a booklet from Sebastian.

GlossyBox info card

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion (71ml)
Aveeno is a tried and trusted product in my home so I was very happy to receive this (especially as I am going south in 4 weeks and need smaller packets of necessities)!  Hooray!

Full Size is 354ml at $11.99; Sample size was 71ml
evian Brumisateur Facial Spray (50ml?)
evian... How I love your water.  I can honestly say though that I have tried no other product!  So again, going down south - need cool stuff like this.  I am enthused! Hooray!

Sizes vary (50, 150, 300ml) and range from $7-17.50; Sample size is 50ml (I think)
BAILEY Fresh Lip Gloss in Berry (8g)
See the colour through the window

Swatched on my man hands!
BAILEY Cosmetics is completely unknown to me.  But, since receiving sample boxes I have renewed my love for lip gloss so a win there! I tried it on and it is not sticky on my lips, quite emollient in fact. Hooray!

Full size is 8g at $28; Sample size is FULL Size

Pandora's Box Blush in St. Tropez
Very cute packaging

Swatched next to gloss (man hands! - geez)
Geez, I love blush... and... and... kidding, but I do love blush.  This particular colour is very pink but I think it will be lovely when applied.  Another win for down south!  Hooray!

Full size is (?) of product at $18; Sample size was FULL Size

Sebastian Re-Shaper Hair Spray (43g)

Sebastian is also unknown to me.  But you know what I am going to say next.... Small can - less space in suitcase!  Hooray!

Full Size is 300g at $19.95; Sample size is 43g  (significant misprint on the info card - 43g is not full size.  One more set of eyes may have caught that error)

And the little extra:

ALGEMARIN Foam Bath (15ml)

I love bubble bath and this is as good as any!  Cool.

My overall impression of this months box?  I liked it.  I did read other blog posts on their selection and was secretly hoping for the kabuki brush but honestly?  Every single one of these items are ones I will use, and hey - that's exactly what I was taking a chance on.

So how many hoorays?  5 out of 5. Let's see if this month is on time though. Plus a smile for foam bath - Lovely touch!



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