Paws and Play Secret Santa Special Edition Holiday Box + Discount Codes

Paws and Play is a pet subscription company based out of Canada. I have been subscribed to them for a couple of months on behalf of my 55lb AmStaff Gertie Goo. I wanted to order something to put under the tree for her and when I saw that Paws and Play had themed boxes for that very thing I was estatic!

Priced at $24.95 there are options for small, medium and large dogs as well as kitties.

Also offered by Paws and Play are various monthly pet subscription boxes for dogs, cats or a mixed pet households. Lots of fun options.

Let's take a closer look at the Secret Santa box. As always there is a lot of pitty excitement involved!
The requisite info sheet...

First is the Simply Fido Organic Plush Toy. Stated purchase price is $19.95.

Here is what I am learning with my dog and plush toys, she loves them... a lot. She is so excited when she gets one in a box. HOWEVER, she can capitalize on every ball, thin spot or loose string and damage the toy. I spend A LOT of time mending toys that last perhaps 3 minutes. The pom pom and toes on Mr. Penguin held out for 4 minutes before I had to pull it away. The hat and feet were next for destruction.

Every box I have ordered from Paws and Play have contained a plush toy - I hope that they expand the toy offerings.

The toy is sweet and Gertie Goo loved it - too much. She's collected a pile of mended plush toys in the past 3 months.

Next is the Holistic Select Holiday Biscuits. Retails for $8.95.
Chicken, Cranberries, Sweet Potato and Blueberries. Wheat free and a 1lb bag!

She was finicky the first time I tried the biscuits and after trying them a couple of times discovered they are a no go for her.

Third items was Etta Says! Crunchy Duck Chew.  Retail price is $2.95.

She loves to eat these... Enough said.

Bosco & Roxy's Christmas Cookie is totally sweet. Cost is $3.95
The Goo loves cookies.

Bosco & Roxy's Christmas Wheat Free Peanut Butter Cup. Priced at $1.50.
Gone in one bite. And yes, I took it out of the wrapper first.

On the whole I thought this was a really sweet box. While a couple of items were a "miss", I realize that not everything will be 100% successful for every dog.  It shipped a few weeks ago but I held on to it until Christmas morning.

If you want to order one yourself, I think it is in limited supply (small dogs box left).

Use code slobber15 to get 15% off a themed box.

Want to sign up for a monthly subscription? Use code puppies for 50% off your new subscription.

Here are my other Paws & Play reviews.

Woof and Cheers!


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