December 2014 TopBox (MeMeMe) Overview

Jeepers!  TopBox was uber fast this month. Impressive.

TopBox typically offers a subscriber a choice to set their wish list. Typically it is 4 or 5 groups of one, two or items in a collection. If none of the options appeal to you, you can opt to get the regular box.

Honestly, I wished I did a screenshot of the offerings but I never thought of it. I will for January.

I am not big on nail polish or hair product person so unless there is a really good skin care option or makeup, I'm opting for the regular box. This month there were 3 selections that I liked (I chose all of them) and then TopBox selects one to send.

I opted for MeMeMe Cosmetics. Important to note that they do not test on animals.

Inside my lovely organza bag was two items.

They are opposite... I try, I really do!
First up is the Boho Balm Cheek and Lip Tint in Pink Rouge.

I am very much favouring the right side colour for the fall. When applying it this morning I found it extremely easy to blend and the colour is buildable (for those who enjoy very vibrant cheeks). Contains jojoba oil.

Value for an 11g tin is $11 - This was full sized.

The second item is the Dew Pot Eye Defining Cream in Woodland Truffle.

I love cream shadows to use as a base or a quick dash of colour on my lids. Even though this one has a sparkle it is not glittery so I think it's an excellent option for me.  I applied mine today with my MAC 252 brush and it applied lovely and is buildable.

Value for a 3ml pot is $13 - This was full sized.

I decided to swatch the colours, photograph in different lighting and then photograph 90 minutes later.  Just for kicks...

Under regular bulb

Bathroom lighting

Office 90 mins later - just overhead lighting

Office with desk lamp
At 4pm - About 9 hours later

The pale pink is very pale and the corally red pink fades slightly (but its still on my hand after a couple of washes and hours later. I still have colour on my cheeks.  The cream shadow is sticking wonderfully, even after hand washing.

I am very happy with this month's option. VERY!

Cost of TopBox subscription is $12/month, shipping included.  Taxes are extra.


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