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It's just a few days before Christmas and our household looks like Santa Paws came early. Two doggy subscription boxes already!

BarkBox shipped very early this month and I am terribly grateful. This is the first Christmas will "the Goo" and I want to have a laugh with her reactions to boxes and the treats inside.

For the record, Goo is a 4 year old AmStaff and weighs about 55lbs. She's a rescue doggy who brings  joy to the house every day. Lots of work too, but always joy!

Frankly I couldn't wait... She probably could.

BTW - Taking pictures with her is HARD!

Ma, you are the slowest lady EVER!!

BarkMade Yuletide Log

She could not wait to get her chops around that log. It lasted the night which is a real accomplishment for any plush toy.  It squeaks! Cost is $12.

Bocce's Bakery Lump of Coal

Oh hello treats she can eat! 

A 8oz bag costs $7. Ingredients: Apples, oat flour, mint and charcoal

safemade holiday Tartan bandana (22"x22")

Cost is $8. Very cute!

 This nose appears quite often.
From Orbee-Tuff this is a bouncy ball that is minty and you can put some treats in the holes. Made for big chewers!
Cost is $12.

 There is that nose again!

She dearly loves these small chews.

Cost is $2.

Also, I love the branded paper. Happy Pawlidays!
This box contains 5 items and costs $29/month or if you want longer duration subscriptions then the prices per month would be less (to $19/month for a yearly subscription). Shipping to Canada is an additional $5, shipping in the US is included.

With the new BarkShop they are offering a discount code to get $10 off your first order. Use WelcomeToBarkShop at the checkout. They will also donate $5 towards rescuing a dog when you use this coupon.

Here are my BarkBox reviews.

Wish to subscribe?

Woof and Cheers!


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