December 2014 Ipsy Glam Bag

First off, I apologize for the crap quality pictures. It was dark, I was tired, my eyes were blurry.

Blurry eyes=blurry pictures.

I've been a subscriber since June 2014 and on the whole I have had pretty good Ipsy experiences. Costing $10/month plus $4.95 shipping.

Beauty without cruelty aHA 3% Facial Cleanser

Borrowed from Ipsy website, my picture was bonkers
Full size bottle costs $11.95 for 8.5fl oz.  The sized I received was 2fl oz. I used it this morning to clean my face. Will see how it works.

Retails for $15. Full size is 2.5g which is what I received. The shade was #5 Orchid. My niece Sarah will love this.

Retails for $4. I received the flavour/colour Marshmallow. For my niece Kate.

For a 4.2fl oz can it costs $18.95. The size I received was 1.7fl oz. I don't use hair spray regularly so I am adding this to a collection I gift to a local womens shelter.

A full size mascara (0.24fl oz) costs around $24. I received a 0.10fl oz mini size. 4 in 1 = lengthening, curling, volumizing, and conditioning

I love mascara.... enough said.

All items considered I think this was a pretty good selection month. While I will only use 2 items, I am gifting 3.

Looking to subscribe?

Here are my Ipsy reviews.



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