Paws and Play Puppies Love Panties Special Edition Gift Box Plus Discount Codes

Paws and Play frequently offer special edition boxes and I've ordered a few. This time they have partnered with Panty by Post (an undergarment subscription service) to provide a box. I wasn't all that interested at first but when it went on sale and then I received a $5 discount code I decided to order it.

My feelings are mixed. She was pretty excited nonetheless!

Inside was 1 Bosco & Roxy's Tighty Whites Cookie. The information sheet says it should have been a 3 pack but unfortunately we did not receive all. That said the one cookie went over well. Stated cost for 3 cookies is $8.95 so 1 cookie is about $3.
 Next was the Multipet Sea Shammy texturized Plush Toy. She wasn't interested in it. Also, she'd destroy it quickly so I will regift it. Stated price is $8.95, available online for $5.49.

I did actually give it to a friend's dog  who liked it. Lily is much more gentle.
 A Silver Spur Buffalo Pizzle - Yes that went over very well. Stated price is $4.95.
 Trumps Choice Rewards Treats in Roast Chicken flavour. Stated price is $4.95 - I've purchased the same brand at Winners for $2.99. She loves them and I love them for training.
There is a Panty by Post coupon for $10 off your purchase of $100 or more with the provided code. Thing is, it is for 1st time purchases only and by signing up online at any point and providing your email address you can get $10 off a $50 purchase. I went through the process of ordering $100 of items and put in the coupon code, $10 was deducted but no free items appeared in my shopping bag so I don't know how the free item mechanism works. Regardless, $10 off $100 is less appealing than $10 off $50.

I also received the exact same code in the Toy subscription box - Not much of an add on to this special edition box.

So... Is there anything else? Maybe...

Here are some discount codes for you to use:

Enter code puppies and get 50% off your new Paws & Play Membership
Enter code panties and get 30% off this Puppies Love Panties box.

Use code slobber15 to get 15% off any theme box.

Would I recommend this box? I got it for $8.95 (with sales and discounts) so it was well worth that... Just disappointed in the panty discount and the missing items.

Goo got the cookie, rewards treats and the pizzle. The rest will be gifted or unused.

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