December 2014 PAWS & PLAY TO GO BOX + COUPON CODES (Good until December 31, 2014)

Honestly, every single package that comes into this household is assumed by "the Goo" to be hers. Well - actually it is currently disproportionately in her favour.

December's Paws and Play subscription box shipped early this month due to anticipated Christmas mail volume (THANK YOU for being thoughtful on this). They have also changed the timing of the box shipments.

From Paws and Play "Starting December 16th 2014, Paws & Play will be shipping membership boxes on the date you are billed, rather than on the 15th of each month.
For example: if your membership payment is completed on December 28th, your membership box will be processed to be shipped on the same day (December 28th) as your payment goes through."
I really like this option as most subscription boxes ship mid month so for our household there is a number of packages coming at once. I like the idea of staggered boxes arriving. My subscription renews on the 3rd so this means a box will arrive around the 8th or so.

There's that part of subscription information out of the way - on to the box!

Gertie Goo's subscription is the "To Go" Large Breed Membership option.

"This entry level box will include: 3-4 of our most popular items including a few samples, one full sized treat or one premium toy."

It's for me right Ma?

Right Ma?

Sweet Saviour what is taking so long?

Lady, You are all thumbs today!


Here's is what was in Goo's box this month:

Plush Puppies Tuff Ones Holiday Theme Toy - Christmas Tree

She took it and ran...  More on that later.
Stated retail value: $12.95. I found it online for $7.99

Conair Pro Massage Shampoo Brush

Goo is iffy on being washed or brushed. While a sturdy looking product, it will be given to one of our local shelters.
Stated retail value of $5.95. Online it was $4.99

Old Mother Hubbard Jingle Jangle Holiday Treats

Yeah, these were a hit.
Stated Retail value of $4.95 for a 6oz bag.

Bosco & Roxy's Holiday Cookie

Stated retail value of $3.95. Goo will get this Christmas Eve as her treat.

Bonus Items:
Modern Dog Magazine
Sorry about the glare

Etta samples

So let's revisit the Theme toy shall we?  Goo loved it and took it away to play.
Poor Mr. Tree
He lasted longer than others, but she was hungry for some pine needles apparently.  I've repaired Mr. Tree but she will get only very short visits with him from now on.

Retail value as stated (without bonus items) is $27.80. With online adjustment it is $21.88.

My cost for the box is $14.95 plus shipping of $6. About $20.95

Cost of this box appears to have gone up to $16.95/month plus shipping. I still think it is a good subscription box.

Do I think this is a good value? If you look at the straight up dollar amounts, the savings are marginal. But this box was a hoot to open, some wonderful items in it for Goo or for other doggies & the bonus items added to the box.

I like Paws & Play. This is perhaps the 5th shipment (of various types) we've received from them. We have the quarterly toy only subscription and ordered the Christmas themed box too.

There are 2 Promo Codes available until December 31, 2014:
Use Code: slobber15 for 15% off any order of a theme box (of which they have a couple of ones for Christmas).
Use Code: welcome10 for 10% off your entire purchase at Paws & Play.

Another code crossed my path via FB - A special offer only for the Paws & Play fans, use this $5.00 gift card toward any single purchase from Paws & Play.
One time use gift card/coupon code : xmasforfans
Here are my other Paws & Play reviews.

Woof and Cheers!


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