December 2014 PawPak Overview & Coupon Code

Christmas and the Holiday Season is upon us all and Goo is wondering about the tree and what the fuss is all about. Meantime, every box that arrives is met with a sniff and supervision upon opening.

Friday she got her own package. Hello December PawPak! A Canadian company based in Woodstock Ontario. From their website:

"The products change each month, but usually include 5-7 amazing items
 designed to make life with your doggy a little easier!"

I repeat: Photography with a AmStaff is hard...

Blogging about the experience is hard too - she needs to supervise EVERYTHING!

Upon opening the box we realized that it was jam packed full of goodies for "The Goo".

There is the requisite info card and a couple of coupon codes for partner companies. DuSenza & Maple Leash

First item up is the Blueberry Frosty Paws from Amelia Biscuit out of Paris, Ontario.
Pssst.  That's going in Goo's sock for Christmas morning.

What is this???  Rawhide Candy Cane?

Wait... What?
Two rawhide candy canes!!  From Burgham Sales Ltd in Scarborough, ON.

Patience is NOT her virtue.

A lot of time is spent training her on leash for a gentler walk so treats are a big help. Purebites Freeze Dried Turkey Breast treats are right up her alley!

The fourth item in the box was the Paw Protection Balm from DuSenza located in St. Lamber, Quebec.
Just before walking your dog, rub the balm inside the paws and on the pads. The balm will harden once outdoors to protect against salt, calcium, cold, snow and ice. You can wipe it off once you come in again. Great for callouses and dry skin. MA Approved.

Last up is a rope toy. Goo loves them but is really hard on them.  You'll see.

 You can also see the cute flannel scarf included in the box. 

This rope toy is from Zanies in Beverly, MA. It's super cute and she went right for it. The product card indicates it is for aggressive chewers. It lasted longer than most toys but 18 hours later (of which 17 of it was spent sleeping or doing other things), this happened...

What I notice is that she can figure out the vulnerability of any fabric toy and dismantle it. The circle is unhurt as of now but the inner portion... destroyed. She loves the ring though so not a disappointment at all.

Seriously, if anyone wants a tester... She can figure out rope toys like a champ.

As always there are 2 rolls of Eco Sense poop bags. Lavender scented.. Thank goodness! These are the go-to brand in this household.

PawPak costs $34.95/month shipping included. If you subscribe to multiple months the costs are reduced to as little as $24.95 month.

I have signed up for a 3 month subscription and if the "paks" stay this level of quality, I'll be a long term customer. It is more than worth the cost of the package. You can select your dog size (for Goo = Large)

If you want to sign up and try for yourself, please sign up at and use code GertieGoo12 for $5 off your first pack.

Here are my PawPak Reviews.

Woof and Cheers! 


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