November 2014 BarkBox & BarkShop Coupon

Here is last of the November pet boxes. It is currently the only one I receive from outside of Canada which results in a slightly longer delivery window. Never fear though, it arrived safe and sound. BarkBox is based in the US and offers a full suite of shopping with the addition of BarkShop, Bark boxes are customized to the dog's size (4 different ones)

The nifty service that BarkBox offers is if there are items in the box that you wish to reorder you merely have to text the reorder code (listed on the card with the shipment) to BarkBox and they will send it. Cripes that's easy!

I ordered 3 different boxes for November (and there will be 5 for December from 4 different companies). My intention is to keep a steady stream of excellent toys and treats for "The Goo", all extras will be donated to local shelters. Being that she is my first dog I admit to spoiling her... tremendously.

Goo is an approximately 4 year old American Staffordshire Terrier (AmStaff), a breed that is often referred to as a member of the Pit Bull family. She was adopted from a local rescue and I don't know the circumstances of how she appeared in rescue but I am sure happy she's part of my family. If you are considering adding a pet to your family, I strongly believe that an adoptable is a wonderful way to go.

Well enough of my ramble, let's move on to the main show.

Yeah, she pretty much couldn't wait. She never, ever hops up on the table until gift boxes started arriving at the house.

Inside the box was an information card with the details on the items.

The first item is Benebone Nylon Chew
Made with real bacon and made for a serious chewer it retails for approximately $12. It's in the Goo's toy box and she hasn't tried it yet but she is curious and takes a few licks every so often.

Item 2 is Superior Farms Bully Stick. I almost didn't get a picture of that because, well, she LOVES food!

Yep, it was gone in a flash. It retails for $4.

The third item is the Heartland Weasand Strips. Made from 100% cow gullet... wait, what? I am not going to think about it too much.  Regardless - it was a fantastic treat and retails for $3.

Turduken treats from Feelgood Treat Company were up next. Again, another hit! Retails for $6.

Zukes Clean Apple Crisp Dental Bone  - well I am saving that for her Christmas sock. Retailing for $3 it is grain free and made from carrot, berry and apple.

Finally is a BarkBox branded Flexi Dog Bowl. Safe for the freezer, dishwasher and oven safe.  Made with food grade silicone it retails for $6.
Great for travel!

This box contains 6 items and costs $29/month or if you want longer duration subscriptions then the prices per month would be less (to $19/month for a years subscription).

They send out the boxes on the 15th of the month and we received Goo's on the 28th.

I believe this box to be an excellent value and am excited to see what is in the December box (perhaps some Christmas themed items).

With the new BarkShop they are offering a discount code to get $10 off your first order. Use WelcomeToBarkShop at the checkout. They will also donate $5 towards rescuing a dog when you use this coupon.

Here are my BarkBox reviews.

Woof and Cheers,


  1. I think I might order this for Meadhren. I was always curious about barkbox. Great Review

  2. I've been looking at these boxes myself, and i'm torn about Paws and Play and Barkbox i was hoping you'd be able to give advice. I have mastiff/ Pit Mix he's a 140lb dog so Barkbox i'm not sure i want to try as there large box is anything over 50lbs would you recommend there large box for a extremely large dog? i've always looked a pupbox have you tried them? - Heidi

    1. Great question Heidi. Paws and Play offers a Giant Breed option and Barkbox doesn't. I order the large breed of each and the Barkbox large is great for a dog sized like Gertie Goo, a 140lb may be a stretch. Although they are extremely receptive to updating your dogs profile to get the best match as possible.

      My advice (if you wish to order now) is to order a couple of months of Paws and Play. One month is rarely a good overview. Choose the Giant Breed. They will send you a survey and are also receptive to updating your profile to best suit your dog.

      I also ordered Pawpak, PawPack and BowzerBox. Check back to my reviews (if you have time) and see what a large breed box looks like. They do not have a giant breed option though.

      I have found that only Paws and Play offers a giant breed option which would likely suit you.

      Thanks so much for reading and replying. Any questions, please let me know!

    2. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply.
      I've been debating for a long time about would the large breed be big enough, i really love that paws and play has the giant breed box. i think i will give it a try. But its great to actually see what the boxes have and if they would be okay for my puppy dog. As he sometimes gets to excited and won't fully chew something up ive had to take a few bones away when they get small cause he just trys to eat it whole.

      by the way your Gertie Goo is adorable and looks like a very happy pup :) I love that breed.
      thank you again hope you have a wonderful day.

    3. My pleasure Heidi. If you do subscribe, I would love to know what comes in a Giant Breed box.

      Gertie Goo is pretty cute. She's the apple of my eye.

      Best of Luck,

    4. I believe i will subscribe i'll let you know what comes in a Giant Breed box.


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