November 2014 Beauty Box 5

This will be my final Beauty Box 5 review for the time being. I have been a subscriber since May 2013 but decided to cancel my membership. There are a couple of reasons 1) I want to try different subscriptions and there is only so much $ to go around, and 2) The products haven't been very inspiring of late.

I subscribed under the quarterly membership which cost $33.77 CDN ($30US).

Onto the November Box.

Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash in a 1.8fl oz sample bottle. I've used Dove body wash many times. It leaves my skin clean and soft - my flesh is lumpy so I can't attest to the smooth claim. Travel size is convenient but this may go in my donate bag. Retailing for $6.50/22oz this sample is worth about $0.53.

Refillable travel bottle from Afterfeather. I travel, there are rules so these sized bottles are always needed. Cost of 2-2fl oz bottles is $8.95 so the one I received is worth $4.48.

Laura Ashley is a brand I know and I do like body butter. The scent is not quite for me so I will be popping this in my giving away bag.  A set of 6 costs $20 so this sample = $3.33

*Note - When I opened the cap to smell, the foil sanitary cover was not sealed.  That's not acceptable at all!

Floss Picks. Seriously - I love them - while I think they aren't what I had hoped for, I will be using them. 75 costs about $5.60 so 4=$0.30

Hask is not a brand I am familiar with but I love oil for my hair. This one is Macadamia oil. Apply a small amount to your hair ends to let the shine come through (or something like that). Costs about $2.49 for 5/8 fl oz.

Total value = $11.13 - My Cost = $11.26

Was this month a good one? Of the 5 products I will likely gift 1, keep 3 & toss 1 because of suspect packaging. This wasn't a stellar month.

I'll keep an eye on the offerings and maybe I will rejoin at some point - but heck, there is a LOT of competition.



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