FoodiePages Tasting Box November 2014

I've been on the hunt for new subscription boxes outside of my typical "Beauty Boxes" and thusly I stumbled across FoodiePages. Now while the word "foodie" makes my otherwise usual eyes roll excessively I was impressed with the site, the selection and frankly the fact that it was a Canadian company helping other Canadian companies.

FoodiePages has a marketplace when you can buy items, 2 subscription boxes (Chef and Wine), various foodie boxes and a tasting box. While the tasting box is not part of a subscription it appears to change frequently so I thought I would give it a try.

I placed the order on November 11th and received it in Halifax on November 14th... Very quick!

Inside the box was a card called a Tasting Guide which  details all 5 items. Very similar to the detailed listing on the website.

First up Sweet Dried Cherries from CC Orchards in Naramata BC. No sugar, additives or preservatives. Also has not been in contact with any nut products.
Apologies for the dark photo
They cherries are sweet, juicy (as much as a dried fruit can be) and delicious. Not cloying or too much anything. Just lovely and a wonderful snack as I am writing this entry. The package is 50g and the website sells  454g for $12.50.

Next is Tonic No.3 from Split Tree Cocktail Company out of Ottawa, ON. I honestly don't know what to make of this but I am intrigued!  Tonic Syrup to add to gin or vodka and a splash of soda water.  SOLD!

Contains: cinchona bark, sugar, lemongrass, citric acid, water, lemon, lime and a 8oz bottle retails for $10. My sample was 4oz. I couldn't find it on the FoodiePages website anymore but did find it on Etsy.

The next item is a Matcha Bar from Shoko Chocolates (Toronto, ON). Matcha Green Tea paired with white chocolate.  I'm pretty full from the cherries (BTW, my Pit Bull Bronx loved the cherries too), so I will wait to eat this bar.

Beautiful and simple design. Smells delicious! I can't find any prices and I can't find the item for sale in any online shop.

Cookies from Harmony Hill (Toronto, ON). These cookies are gluten,dairy, soy and nut free. Also they are individually wrapped. Great for kids to take to school or me to take anywhere. They have 4 flavours (Lemon Berry, Double Chocolate, Chocolate Chip and Vanilla & Spice. For the sake of thoroughness I cracked open the Vanilla & Spice cookie - lovely smells and the cookie is soft, tastes like a coconut flavour there somewhere and while I love gluten, sugar, dairy and nuts - this cookie is A-OK!

For those who like to read a nutrition label, their website has them.

Last item I giggle to myself... People who know me have learned that I HATE mustard, specifically freaky yellow mustard. But on occasion, if I don't know, a lovely grainy mustard can be added to a dish and I will love it (aka pork tenderloin which a grainy mustard sauce). So I have no received a Sweet & Hot Apple mustard from Harvest Goodies located in Milton, ON. 

Sweetly packaged and when I flipped over the bottle there are precisely 8 ingredients - all which I can spell and recognize.  Apples being #1. Ontario honey, home-grown apples and Canadian mustard.

A quick online look and I could not find the price of the mustard. But it is sold at a number of shops in Ontario. They also have a line of other non-mustard sauces.

Well for $14.95 + $10 shipping I feel that this is well worth the money. And yes, I am ordering the next box available in a couple of days! There is an item from Lunenburg, NS!

Remember, always google for a discount code - sometimes you strike it lucky (like I did) and get a few dollars off the order.



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