November 2014 PawPak Box + Coupon Code

Sooooo... On we go with the Pet Box subscriptions.

This box is from PawPak which is a Canadian company based in Woodstock Ontario. From their website:

The products change each month, but usually include 5-7 amazing items designed to make life with your doggy a little easier! 

The subscription costs $34.95/month shipping included. Look below for a coupon code if you are interested in a subscription for yourself.

First off, I'm going to say how difficult it is to photograph items when your AmStaff wants it ALL! So apologies for the "not great" quality photos.

There was a glitch in their shipping notification so I couldn't tell if it was sent, but a quick chat with staff and I was assured it was on its way.  Excellent customer service on this item. I subsequently received an email to confirm.

At first, "the Goo" was not that interested (there was kibble being tossed around) but once I cracked the box...

And then everything went to pot....

Inside was the info card listing the items and the corresponding companies. All listed as located in Canada and the US.

First up we have Good Dog Chicken Pot Pie treats from Sojos in Minnesota. Contains oat flour, rolled oats, potato, chicken, celery, carrots, canola oil and eggs.

Goo Approved wouldn't you say?

Then we have the Remington Plush Goose from Coastal Pet Products in Ohio.

She took it right away and settled in on the couch.  From the construction I believe it will last longer than other plush toys as it has a canvas like belly which looks sturdy.  It also squeaks. Goo Approved.

The Pizzle Stick Ribbon from Hero Dog Treats in Ontario was slightly revolting looking but man alive - it was snatched and crunched in mere minutes.
Hero Dog Treats donates a portion of the proceeds to the Canadian Service Dog Foundation. I think that is pretty wonderful

Goo Approved.

Then a piece of flannel which I made into a stylish kerchief for her.
Last up is the Earth Rated Poop Bag Dispenser and 2 rolls of bags (lavender scented - thank heavens). This is what Goo uses (many many times a week) so a dispenser and extra bags are WELCOME.

They also sent a lovely thank you card to us for signing up.  Very welcoming touch.
It is a fabulous box.  Everything in it is excellent quality and a good selection of treats, toys and needed general products.

I have signed up for a 3 month subscription and if the paks stay this level of quality, I'll be a long term customer. It is more than worth the cost of the package.

If you want to sign up and try for yourself, please sign up at and use code Bronx11 for $5 off your first pack.

Here are my PawPak Reviews.

Woof and Cheers!


  1. Might have to try this one too. Ooooo decisions


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