November 2014 Paws & Play To Go Box + Coupon Codes

Well, if you ever want an AmStaff to wiggle her bum in happiness, just send her mail. Seriously. JUST. SEND. MAIL. Oh, with some food and toys please. I have subscribed to a couple of boxes and Paws & Play is the first monthly one. Located in Canada, they offer monthly boxes for all sizes of dogs, and a mixed membership one. They also offer one-off boxes for holidays, etc. Really - a lot of choice.

Each months' box has a theme, November is A Walk to the Parade.

We subscribe to the Large Breed Dog Membership Box and this is our first one. The To Go option costs $14.95 and the Premium box is $29.95, You can also order the Premium box to come quarterly.

Here is what Paws & Play has to say about the "To Go" Box:

To Go Box: This entry level box will include: 3-4 of our most popular items including a few samples, one full sized treat or one premium toy.
Stop readin' & let's start eatin'

The box had a card enclosed that lists the item, the vendor & the approximate MRSP. AS you can see there are 2 food items, 1 toy, 1 general dog item and a couple of samples.



Sweet Saviour HURRY!!!
I have to tell you that photographing ANYTHING involving "the Goo" is a challenge but this takes the cake. So I am apologizing now for the quality of photos.

First up is Bosco & Roxy's 3D Penguin Snow Globe. and are decorated peanut butter biscuits.They list the  ingredients on their website (link).  Goo Approved
The Silver Spur Free Range pig ear was individually wrapped and honestly lasted 90 seconds. Goo Approved.
Bags on Board poop bags are a really cute theme. We use another brand and have stockpiled a bunch so I will add to the donation box that goes to a local pet shelter. A total win though - no mistake.
Multipet Squeaker Mat - A plush toy that squeaks. I have never given Goo a toy like this and was surprised how gentle she was. Although she chewed on the ear, she did not tear it up in aggression.
I took it away once she put a hole in the ear, I'll mend it and give it back to her periodically.  She's a chewer though so I don't see this toy living to a ripe old age.
The following items are the Bonus Samples.
 Wild Calling Whitefish recipe kibble. High protein is always good. Contains zero grain, gluten, chicken, egg or yeast culture.
Etta Says single Beef Liver and Duck Meat. Goo Approved.

She was HAPPY!

If she's happy, then the box is a win.

There are 2 Promo Codes available until December 31, 2014:
Use Code: slobber15 for 15% off any order of a theme box (of which they have a couple of ones for Christmas).
Use Code: welcome10 for 10% off your entire purchase at Paws & Play.

One coupon per customer, some restrictions apply.

Here are my other Paws & Play reviews.

Woof and Cheers!


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