Pet Subscription Boxes Intro and my Paws and Play Pet Parent Luxe Essentials Kit

As some of you may know there is a new addition to this household, a female beautiful American Staffordshire Terrier named Bronx. She is a rescue from a local group called Buddys Bully Rescue and is the absolute apple of my eye. She ended up in a shelter though circumstances not of her making but what a lucky turn for my heart!

That said, it gives me a excellent excuse to find fantastic things to treat her and provide good doggy care. I really have no idea about pet products so I decided to look at websites that cater to dogs - lord there are many!! In the midst of using the Google machine I discovered that there are monthly subscription boxes for PETS! We all know how I love beauty subscription boxes so why not try a pet box (or 3).

Yep, 3...

I have signed "Bronx" up for:

  1. Paws & Play - Large Breed box
  2. PawPak Canada
  3. Bark Box
Two of these are based in Canada and one in the US. I plan on trying them all out for a minimum of 3 months, decided which ones to continue and PERHAPS add another brand to check it out as well.

I know... I have a subscription box problem.

My very first foray was a Paws & Play Intro Pack, at $4.95 it was a quick way to see the calibre of the products.  I wish I took a picture but Bronx just about wagged her tail off to get to the treats. I'll list them:
  • Large bone shaped cookie which she adored
  • Grooming wipe from earthbath (mango tango fragrance)
  • Beef Liver & Banana cookie sample from Benny Bully's Sales Inc
  • Beef Chomper Flat from Open Range Natural Pet Treats
She loved the food items but I have not tried the wipe yet.

So a pretty good start.

Then I decided to order a kit for the Parent - I like to get in on the treats too!!  Called the Parent Luxe Essentials Kit it is currently priced at $16.95 or $29.95 with a leather leash. 

 Here's what the website promises...

This kit will feature a luxurious 4- 5 piece mixture of cruelty free & fair trade organic human goods. Your Pet Parent Luxe Kit has been specially designed for Conscious Pet Parents and will only feature North American companies who are passionate about change!

The box arrived yesterday and inside were 5 items - just as promised.

Coffee (6oz bag size) from Grounds & Hounds in Papers & Slippers blend. It retails on their website for $8.75. I brewed a pot this morning, it's actually quite flavourful. With it was a branded reusable shopping bag - cute. It's a California based company that uses 100% fair trade, organic beans. They donate 20% to rescue organizations which is wonderful.

A Gorp clean energy bar in Cocoa, Hemp & Almond. A box of 16 costs $49 so a single bar is about $3.10 (yay Math!). A company based in Manitoba, each bar is 11g of protein, 6g of fiber and no preservatives. I tried the bar and it tastes pretty good, very dense. I have a love/hate relationship with energy bars and this one I would buy again.
A consistently excellent product, Bag Balm can be used by people and animals!  Retailing at $5.99 for a 1oz tin. I already use it in the winter for my chapped hands and feet so I will use this for Bronx's paws if they get abraded or if she gets a scratch. 

I have to admit that I have never heard of Gerrard Larriett Aromatherapy Pet Care so I was very interested in the large insert in the box. The literature on this website indicates that the Balancing Rose Soy candle is suitable for deodorizing the home and the rose scent centers mind and body for pets and pet parents. Made in the USA it retails for $12 (6oz).

When I opened the box, the rose scent was strong but when I burn the candle it is pleasant and not overtly strong. I'm very interested in the De-stress Lavender and Chamomile one as Bronx gets stressed out easily.

So for those who are interested in value for money, the value is $29.85. I paid $16.95 plus $6.65 shipping to Nova Scotia for a total of $23.60. I always call shipping a wash as it is the reality of Canada Post.

All things considered, I am pretty happy with the box. The items are well thought out: bag balm could be for me or Bronx, dog themed coffee brand, a candle to help negate the pet smell and a bar to keep my energy up when I walk her.

So my first pet box subscription review is actually for me... I'm a rotten doggy parent!  I will be reviewing each box as they come in. I think this service is a fantastic way to check out new items.


Bronx believes she's a lap doggy


  1. Hey Lori! That's the second biggest lapdog I've ever seen. ;-) Too cute. Next time I'm in town I'll have to show you pictures of my grandpuppy. Yes, Jacq and her boyfriend have a 9-10 monyh old Portuguese Water Dog.


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