May 2012 TopBox Overview and Review

Oh May... You are so close to summer that I can't help but be happy you are here, but happy when you go so that summer can park right on my doorstep!  No, that has nothing to do with the TopBox but I was feeling it.

OK, on to this months blog on May's TopBox.  There was a snafu apparently and I was not shipped my TopBox when everyone else was.  I contacted them and received mine about a week later, explaining the lateness of this post.

Outer Packaging

Inside Cylinder
I have requested the new style of cylinder but I suspect since I was forgotten, they didn't check into my preference.  Not a big deal.
Underneath the Tissue Paper

Now on to the items in this months "box":
  • COVER FX Clear Prep FX
  • ORLANE Eye Contour Cream
  • EXPRESSIONS Bronzing Brush
Details Card Side 1
Details Card Side 2

Deborah Lippman Polish

This is my first time ever receiving (or using) a Deborah Lippman polish.  From other blogs and reviews I have read, it is supposed to be a stellar product and very coveted.

Shade is Whatever Lola Wants

Just one coat
I must say I love the bottle design and the colour!  Goes on very well and dries fairly quickly.

Rating:  Hooray!!

Full size:  15 ml @ $20.  Size received:  Full

Available at Holt Refrew (boooo... No Holt in NS!)

Cover FX Clear Prep FX

I have been curious about this brand as some people say that it is ideal should you want a full coverage foundation.  This product is a skin primer which, they profess, prevents and heals skin blemishes.  I do not have particularly acne-prone skin but I did try it this morning and it did go on well and my MUFE foundation did glide right over it.  Does is reduce the appearance of pores?  Well....  That's debatable from one try.

Rating:  Hooray!!!

Full size: 30ml @ $39.  Size received: 7ml

Available at (and I know Shoppers Drug Mart carries this brand)

Orlane Eye Contour Cream
The promotional material says that it diminishes fine lines, puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. I need it, so I will try it!!  I take this stuff with a grain of salt though, we'll see.  I am a sucker for face creams!

Rating: Hooray!!

Full size: 15ml @ $75. Size received: 2ml.

Available at (I tried the link from the card and it was a no-go!

Expression Bronzing Brush
I love makeup brushes.  I cannot have too many, I think I am addicted!!  Fortunately TopBox sent this brush and oooh boy - it is soft!!!  I do not wear bronzer as a rule (I have no idea how to apply it to my face correctly to be beneficial), but can see how I would use this for buffing foundation.  I do love my Make Up For Ever Kabuki Brush (story to come on that), but this one may make it into the rotation.

Rating: Hooray!!

Full size: well - it's full size  Size received: Full. Size (lol)

Available at

OK - there was a bonus in the "box", a free Deborah Lippman Nail file coupon at Holt Refrew (for a window of time).  I don't live anywhere where there is a Holt so this bonus is moot.  Also, they further clarified that the supply was not there for all cards (the "while supplies last" catch all).

No rating.

So... There you have it!  What was in the TopBox, well... box (cylinder shaped one).  My thoughts?

There were 2 sample-sized and 2 full size product this month.  The coupon for the nail file was basically a toss in. Each product holds my interest, in particular the makeup brush.  I don't compare it to other months as all the products are different every time so it is not comparing apples to apples.

So 4 Hoorays for the product...  Pretty good.  The shipping error rates a meh.  They did say that they added a little bonus for my trouble which never appeared (the nail file coupon was not a bonus as everyone got them!).

So 4 Hoorays and 1 Meh.  Not too shabby!!



  1. Ahh I can't wait until I can start my Topbox subscription! Looks like a good one!


    1. I find they are consistently good. Ships on time with lots of really nice items. I was lucky and did not have much of a wait before I started receiving them.

      I like Glossy Box too. I was thinking of BB5 but I don't know yet.


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