May 2012 GlossyBox Overview and Review

What a surprise to come home today and my GlossyBox was there waiting for me!  Yippee!!!  It can only get better...
Outside Box

Lovely wrapping

Each box is a very delicate pink which is lined with black and the pink Glossy logo.  Black tissue paper is tied with a pink grosgrain ribbon.  Enclosed inside was the usual card listing the products, and a promotional card about boxx cosmetics.

Products in the box:

  • Curel Foot Therapy (Cream)
  • Simple Eye Makeup Remover
  • Simple Facial Wash Gel
  • boxx Cosmetics Cream Corrector in Terrwyn
  • Sebastian Professional Volupt Shampoo

Curel Foot Therapy
I need foot cream... period.  There is no strong scent and they claim that it hydrates and softens dry, cracked feet in just 2 nights.  I am willing to give anything a try.

Rating:  Hooray!!!

Full size: 100ml @ $3.99.  Size received - Full

Simple Eye makeup Remover and Facial Wash Gel
The brand Simple is a relatively new brand to Canada and specializes in product for sensitive skin.  They have no perfumes, dyes, soap, or oils.

The eye makeup remover also claims to remove waterproof mascara.

These are two products I always use and anything that is good for sensitive skin is perfect for me!

Rating for both:  Hooray

I somehow think that the prices listed on the card is incorrect as online as a 125ml of the makeup remover is listed at $9.99.  I am looking at for price verification.

Makeup Remover Sizes:  125ml @ $9.99.  Sample size - 56 ml
Facial Wash Gel Full Size: 150ml @ $9.99.  Sample size - 50 ml

boxx Cream Corrector in terrwyn
I have never heard of boxx cosmetics so I cannot comment on how well it work.  It is an oil-free product.  The colour is terrwyn and appears to be a light to medium in tone.

Rating:  Hooray

Full size:  4g @ $24.  Sample size - Full

Sebastian Professional Volupt  Shampoo
I love the scent and this is the second product from the Sebastian line.  The first being a hair spray which was broken and I could not use.

Rating:  Hooray

Full size: 250ml @ $15.78.  Sample size - Full

My overall impression of this months box?  I liked it.  Every single one of these items are ones I will use, and hey - that's exactly what I was taking a chance on.

So how many hoorays?  5 out of 5. The only thing that was a meh was what I think was incorrect information for Simple on the card.




  1. great review! Mine hasn't be delivered yet but I've read a few other reviews and it seems everyone got the exact same items. i'm confused, aren't they meant to personalize them just a little bit? Based on the questions we answer about ourselves when we sign up? I've seen that same thing from Top Box as well--everyone getting the exact same contents. I find that disappointing.

  2. Still waiting for my glossybox , hopefully by the end of wk. This looks pretty good.I have cancelled my subscription after this month. I am bored of these box's now not impressed whatsoever with the CS esp on their FB page.


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