April 2012 LuxeBox Overview and Review

OK folks I am just back from vacation so here is the late LuxeBox review for April with very little commentary as I have not been able to test drive any of the products as of yet!

I hope you enjoy anyway...

Let's talk the First In Line (FIL) program.  There was a First In Line initiative that allows members to pick one of 3 items that will be in our sample box.  My previous experience participating has been successful but with challenges.  This time however was a lesson in frustration that I won't repeat.  Rather than spend too much time dwelling on the mishap (of which many of you experienced yourself), I will jut say that I received the second item on my list after 3 days of trying.

Sweet Logo'd Box
Each box inside has all items wrapped in black tissue paper and a personalized sticker.  A nice touch.
April is Daffodil month for the fight against Cancer so LuxeBox included a pin in each box.

Card listing all of the items
Inside the box were the following items

  • CHINA GLAZE Nail Polish
  • YVES ROCHER Eye Makeup Remover
  • BOBOS REMI Leave in Conditioner
  • PANTENE PRO-V Aqua Light Shampoo and Conditioner

China Glaze nail polish
I have to admit something, I have never used China Glaze polish before - EVER.  I have read plenty of positive reviews and am very excited to use it.  Polarized is predominately silver with silver and multi-coloured glitter, very pretty and fun.

Rating:  Hooray

Full size is 14ml @ $8.  Size received is 14ml (FULL).

Yves Rocher eye makeup remover
 This gentle makeup remover is specially formulated for sensitive eyes.  It is paraben free and make with organic cornflower water.  Funny enough is that I am out of my Sephora brand and this sample came at the best time.

Rating:  Hooray

Full size is 125ml @ $6.  Size received is 50ml.

Bobos Remi leave-in conditioner
This item was my selection from the FIL program.  I never use a leave-in conditioner but I always use a conditioner while washing my hair.  I also use a smoothing serum as my hair sometimes is a bit fly-away.  From the card this product is made with Macadamia oil, Panthenol and Jojoba Oil.

Rating:  Meh.  The item I expected was a full size as it was part of the FIL program.  There were items offered that we as much as $30 and to get an item worth significantly less was a bit of a disappointment.  But I reserve judgement on the product itself.

Full size is 10oz @ $10. Size received was 2.7oz.
Pantene invitation for feedback
Pantene Pro-V aqua light shampoo & conditioner

I use Pantene occasionally and this is a new line of hair products.  My hair is fine so I definitely will appreciate this.  I will most likely use it when travelling.  Note though that the fragrance is strong so if that bothers you, take a pass.

Rating: Meh

Full size is 375ml @ $6.  Size received is 50ml.

My overall impression of this months box?  Mixed.  While all of the items were things I can use, there were issues with the FIL program execution which significantly delayed the shipping.  I did offer up some suggestions on their FaceBook wall (as many others did too), I hope they take all of the constructive feedback and have a good discussion on how to go forward. The debate about luxury items and the number of full sized items I don't really get to bent about.  

I do hope that they revisit the First In Line, the capacity and setup is not meeting the demand.

So overall rating?

Hoorays - 2
Meh - 2




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