Mascara Experiment Inspired by Wayne Goss

For those of you who don't know.  I. LIKE. MAKEUP.  I read blogs, watch YouTube, read magazine and haunt makeup stores to find out what is new and lovely.  In my search for makeup tutorials, I stumbled across a makeup artist by the name of Wayne Goss (gossmakeupartist).  He is really knowledgeable in the art of beauty and I very much enjoy his videos (his cuteness is a mere by-product)!

Here is his channel:

One of his videos spoke to using liquid eyeliner on your lashes before applying mascara.  Makes them much more inky black and intense.  You know I had to try it....

Waynes' Video

So I decided to do a Lori version....  Here we go!

Scary before makeup eyes
 I decided to try my only black liquid liner, the L'Oreal Lineur Intense in Carbon Black.  I can't get liquid liner to look sensible when using it as a liner so I took lemons and made lemonade (kinda).
L'Oreal Carbon Black Liquid Eyeliner

Brush tip applicator
 The brush tip made it very easy to apply to the lashes.  I curled the lashes, applied one coat and then I went ahead and put on foundation and eye makeup.  It was all dry in a very shot time.
One coat of liquid eyeliner
 So in a future post, I will be doing two looks and a review of some Make Up For Ever products.  As some of you recall I did a review on Smoky Lash mascara with disastrous results and an Aqua Cream with mixed results.  I will go into a much more detailed (and fun) story next week but for the sake of this post, I have a new Smoky Lash mascara and am using it in this experiment.
Plus one coat of MUFE Smoky Lash
 Looks pretty inky and dark, doesn't it?
Close up (liner eye)

One coat mascara on each
 No when I applied the mascara to both eyes, I didn't notice a huge difference between the two eyes as far as the intensity of black and lusciousness.  But I will leave you to judge.  Lets see if it makes any difference to it's lasting power?

Mascara only eye
 So it is exactly 12 hours later and here is the much more worn looking Lori...  I noticed two things:
  1. Up close, the eye with the liquid liner does appear to have slightly more staying power than mascara alone.
  2. The Smoky Lash mascara did much better this time!!
12 hours later
Previous Smoky lash (April 2012) Review
So, did I do this experiment correctly?  Should I have done something else to enhance my lashes with the liner?  Please comment below and tell me what you think.



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