May 2012 LuxeBox Overview and Review

Well, here endth May and this is the final box review for this month.  After some stellar boxes poor Loose Button will be hard pressed to wow.  But let's see, shall we?

Extra large box... Why?

Ah HA!!!  Two boxes!

Thank you Mom Bath and Body Box
 As part of the offering from LuxeBox, they sent a bonus (Bath and Body) Box in celebration of Mother's Day.   NICE!!!!
Venus & Olay 5 blade razor

Olay wrinkle revolution complex

Main LuxeBox... box
 I love the style of the box (and the personalized sticker)...  But that's just me.
Peek inside

Info card
 So that's great... lots of pictures but what is inside people???

  • CARGO Lash Activator Mini Duo
  • ORLANE Active Hydration
  • PACO RABANNE Black XS for her and XS for him
  • GOLDWELL Dual Senses Colour Shampoo and Conditioner

Cargo Lash Activator Mini Duo
Oh mascara... Anyone who reads my blog knows that I am OBSESSED with lashes and anything to make them pretty. So when I see that this product is to make them pretty and longer/thicker???  Really?  I have to try it, and I mean have to...  Compulsion.  Will try and get back to you on it!

Rating:  Hooray

Full size (of the mini) is $15.  Size received is FULL.  They do sell each individually for about $35 each.

Orlane Active Hydration
 I have received another Orlane product in a sample box and have not tried it yet.  This is formulated for dehydrated skin... the literature talk about re-educating cells but honestly my eyes glazed over.  Nourish, hydrate and help to firm is all I take notice of.

Rating:  Hooray

Full size is 50ml @ $135.  Size received was 3.5ml.

I kinda hope that I don't like this too much as paying out that kind of money is a killer!
Paco Rabanne Black XS for her and him
I have a box full of perfume samples.  Sounds like I am complaining but I am actually pretty ok with it.  My mood changes and sometimes the fragrance I want changes too.  And I like to try a scent before I chuck out my money to smell pretty (or mysterious).  Having a sample for a guy interested my husband sooooo.... that's not too bad.  The samples are pretty little though.

Rating:  Hooray

Full size for her:  50ml @ $74.  Size received is 2ml.
Full size for him:  50ml @ $56.  Size received is 2ml.

Goldwell Dual Senses shampoo and conditioner
OK I have to tell you all that in 5 months I have received over a dozen packages of shampoo and conditioner.  I recently went to Cuba and gave samples away.  Here I am with 2 more.  I struggle to get excited, these packages always leak in the shower or fall in the tub.  But, I keep some to take camping.

Rating:  Meh

Full size for Shampoo:  750ml @ $28.  Size received (X2) is 10ml.
Full size for Conditioner:  750ml @ $32.  Size received (X2) is 10ml.

My overall impression of this months box?  Mixed.  While all of the items were things I can use, some of the samples were repetitive and small.  The Body and Bath kind of made up for it so overall it was a pretty good month.
So overall rating?

Hoorays -3
Meh -1
Plus a non-rating Nice for the Bath and Body offering.




  1. I got my box on Tuesday ...

    Same but different from yours.


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