February 2015 Paws & Play To Go Box + Discount Code

Paws & Play recently re-jigged their subscription box offerings eliminating the To Go option. I thought I should talk a little about the option anyway as it sets the background to their products and services. They offer subscription boxes based on dog size, offer boxes for cats or a subscription for a mixed pet household.

My doggy is an AmStaff (pitty). She's a 55lb rescue dog and a wussy baby.

Yes. She sleeps under the covers.

I signed up for the Standard box as well but opted to get both for the month of February.

The To Go Option cost $14.95 / month + taxes and shipping. This entry level box will include: 2-3 of our most popular items including a few samples, one full sized treat or one premium toy.

Paws & Play will be shipping membership boxes on the date you are billed, rather than on the 15th of each month.
For example: if your membership payment is completed on December 28th, your membership box will be processed to be shipped on the same day (December 28th) as your payment goes through."
I really like this option as most subscription boxes ship mid month so for our household there is a number of packages coming at once. I like the idea of staggered boxes arriving. My subscription renews on the 3rd so this means a box will arrive around the 8th or so.
First up is the Fat Cat Sooper Ham Hero.  Costing about $15.95 ($9.99 on the US site) it is a slingshot for your pet. 
Next item is Wild Calling Rocky Mountain Medley which includes Elk, Whitefish Meal & Turkey Meal Kibble. High protein is always good. No chicken by-products, fillers, corn, wheat, soy, grain or gluten in Wild Calling lifecycle products.
We received another package in November and "The Goo" loved this as a treat. She always enjoys stinky treats.
Darford JR Treat is essentially a HUGE cookie. This flavour is Duck and Apple. It retails for about $3.95.
ZiwiPeak is an Air-Dried 90% protein gourmet dog food. These packages are pretty handy for training. The Goo really likes them.
Great for training
Venision Joe's Gourmet Beef Bones come from 100% US Beef. This flavour was cherry wood.  Cost is $4.95. Honestly? The Goo is undecided. She licks at it and then walks away. We'll see.
So that's a summary of the final Large Dog To Go box. I thought it was well priced and excellent value. But fear not... The Standard Box is even more fun!

Here's a discount code:  Get 15% off your first order with coupon code: slobber15

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Woof & Cheers,
The Goo and Lori 


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