February 2015 Paws & Play Standard Large Breed Dog Box + Discount Code

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Paws & Play recently re-jigged their subscription box offerings eliminating the To Go option.They offer subscription boxes based on dog size, offer boxes for cats or a subscription for a mixed pet household. There are one-off themed special boxes too.

Here are a couple of the newer offerings:

Fresh Matters Special Edition Dog Gift Box (featuring a delicious assortment of grain free & organic farm to table fresh treats and cookies! Your dog will also enjoy a special surprise farm themed toy)

Mums Freshest Treats Subscription Box  (contains NO toys or gadgets – instead it delivers an exceptional variety of extra premium gourmet treats, chews and cookies. This box will include a selection of the absolute finest and most interesting dog and/or cat treats available on the North American market. As an added bonus, your box will include a complimentary cookie of the month)

Cookie of the Month Club (receive one surprise gourmet artisan cookie or chew (MSRP $4.95- $6.95), sourced from Canadian & U.S doggie bakeries! Your cookie will be delivered along with special club offers and extra special savings certificates exclusively for Cookie Club members!) 

My doggy is an AmStaff (pitty). She's a 55lb rescue dog and the best entertainment EVER!

Paws & Play will be shipping membership boxes on the date you are billed, rather than on the 15th of each month.
For example: if your membership payment is completed on December 28th, your membership box will be processed to be shipped on the same day (December 28th) as your payment goes through."

I really like this option as most subscription boxes ship mid month so for our household there is a number of packages coming at once. I like the idea of staggered boxes arriving. My subscription renews on the 3rd so this means a box will arrive around the 8th or so.

What is in the Standard Large Dog Subscription Box? 

From the Paws & Play Website:
Standard Box: This entry level box will include 3-4 of our most popular items, and is guaranteed to include at least one full sized treat and one premium toy!

They also have a premium monthly subscription and offer the premium box option quarterly.

Cost for the standard box is $19.95 plus shipping. The premium box is $29.95.

Whew! That's a lot of information... Let's move on with the box!
*Note: Things in quotation marks ("") are direct from other websites.

First item is the Exclusively Dog Jerkeez Pet Pizza Jerky ($8.95 in store, $6.99 online).
"Pizza flavor chewy dog treats are made with easy tear portions, that are great for training and portion control.  Chicken is the #1 ingredient. Made with natural ingredients. No added sugars. Wheat, Corn & Soy free."

They are easily to tear which is great. The Goo doesn't much like these style treats in big chunks (what a princess!)

Can I tell you how much this next toy is a hit in our house? She loves her Kong Wubba Classic! ($16.95) 

 It squeaks, she can tug it. She plays with it as much as she can.

What can I say about earth rated poop bags? Poop bags are not glamourous but... they are the ones our house uses exclusively. I love the lavender scented bags (enough said), the holder and the price point. ($3.95). You can find these at most pet stores, Winners or online.

Cookies... I love them, you love them, even the Goo loves them. I think the Amelia Yoghurt Dipped Cookie ($1.95) are going to be a hit.

Last but not least are the samples. I find much of them are good for treat training and this month's options are no exception. From ZiwiPeak and Wellness Core Grain Free.

So let's revisit the standard box...

From the Paws & Play Website:
Standard Box: This entry level box will include 3-4 of our most popular items, and is guaranteed to include at least one full sized treat and one premium toy!

3-4 items? Check
1 full sized treat? Check
1 premium toy? Check
Various samples? Check

I think this box is an excellent value. Well worth the $19.95 CDN cost.

Looking to subscribe? Use slobber15 to get 15% your order. They ship to Canada and the US. 

Here are my other Paws & Play reviews.

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Woof & Cheers,
The Goo and Lori



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