mark.Gloss Gorgeous Stay on Lip Stain Quick Review

In this month's TopBox there was a full size offering of mark. Gloss Gorgeous Stay on Lip Stain in the colour Bella.

Not having used many mark. items, I really had no frame of reference as to quality or appeal.

Official wording on the Avon site:

This innovative lip color goes on like a high-shine gloss, then wears to a rich stain that lasts for hours and hours. Minty fragrance adds a fresh kick. 1.5 g

Here is my opinion on it.

I liked the colour, very rich and suited to me.  The clicking mechanism at the top to dispense the product allows for control on how much I use.  Let me tell you, I can be a sloppy glosser at the best of times!!!
Brush Applicator
At first the colour on the stick worried me, a little too dark I thought.  Not that the picture shows it, but I do have some pink in my lips naturally.

Lips au Naturale
 But as you can see my lips weren't dark at all!  Just a little enhanced... And not with fillers either!!  Note that I only applied one layer of gloss.  That's just me.

One layer of Gloss
Next question, does it really stain?  Does it stay on?  I brushed my teeth after this picture (just to see) and then I would say that the gloss stayed through two cups of coffee and the stain didn't entirely fade until about 2pm?  So about 6 hours without any reapplication.

I am finding my lips slightly dried out after 2 days of wearing it, so just keep an eye on it.

The full size is $12CDN.  Will I get other colours?  Yes, there is a couple ones that caught my eye (or lip).



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