Subscription Box List

I have been receiving a number of monthly subscription boxes since January 2012. To date they have primarily been beauty products but with a dog and diversifying my interests I decided to explore what else is available.

To be honest, it's like a surprise every month and a welcome change from flyers, bank foolishness and bills.

What I've found is that the subscription box service has EXPLODED (relatively speaking) in the past few years. I've signed up for some, others I'm pondering.  There are also one-off boxes you can order and I will include them in this list as well.

The other thing I should note is not all of the boxes ship globally. I live in Canada so mailing packages can be costly which typically I pay extra. I will do my best to include costs as accurately as possible.

I will be editing the list as I find other boxes or if their policies/availability changes.

Note: Some of the links include referrals that will advantage my own account. You don't have to use them AT ALL. Sometimes though, using a referral nets you a discount as well.

You will notice that my list is mostly companies that ship to Canada as 1 of the options.  Sorry, but I am self-serving that way!

All reviews of services and boxes are purchased by me. If (luck should have it) I receive a box from a company interested in my opinion I will certainly let you know.

Updated September 22, 2015

Beauty & Lifestyle

Bare Bliss Box
5 to 6 healthier skincare and makeup products
Shipping – US=$0, CDN=$19.50, AUS=$19.50 

Beauty Box 5
5 beauty sample-sized products
$12/month (US)
Shipping - US=$0, CDN=$3

Beauty Joy Box
Contains:1 hand curated jewelry item,1 full size beauty item, 2-3 deluxe beauty samples
Shipping – US=$0, CDN=$5, Global=$10

Receive $40 in E.L.F. products
$19.99 Every 8 Weeks
Shipping – US=$8, CDN=$18

Fortune Cookie Soap - The Soap Box
8 FCS mini-sized products
Available 4 times a year ($19.99 US, $28.00 CDN, $34.00 Global)
Shipping costs depend on package size/weight, ships worldwide

From the Lab
2 - 30-day supplies of the newest European quality luxury beauty innovations in the categories of skin care, hair care, and color cosmetics.
Shipping – US=$5.95 CDN=$8.95

Glossy Box*
5 hand-picked beauty products
Shipping – US=$0, CDN=$5
Ipsy Glam Bag*
5 deluxe samples & full-sized beauty products
Shipping – US=$0, CDN=$4.95

Julep Maven 
My Maven - $40+ worth of polish & product ($24.99/month) 
Maven Luxe - $60+ worth of prestige products ($39.99/month) 
Shipping included

Juneberry Box
Receive 4-5 full sized handpicked items every 2 months
$28.50/Bi- Monthly
Free Shipping - US and CDN

LuxeBox by Loose Button*
7-8 trial-sized products
Shipping included

Petit Vour
4 sample sized (occassionally full-size) products
$23/Month (Canada) $15/Month (US)
Shipping - CDN= $8.00 + any taxes, customs duties and fees levied by the destination country, Global = $15

4 deluxe beauty samples
Shipping included

Lip Factory Inc.
Contains 5 to 7 items. The kit may include a full face of makeup products, but the focus is on lips. May include lip products such as lip glosses, lip sticks, lip liners and lip therapy products. 
Shipping – US=$0, CDN=$4, Global=$10

Vegas Cuts Beauty Box
4-7 cruelty free full or sample size beauty products
Shipping – US=$0, CDN=$8, Global=$15

Wantable MakeUp Box
4-5 Full- sized products
$40 first month, $36/month after
Shipping - US = $0, CDN = $6, Global = $7-10

Food & Beverages

Fancy Box – Culinary
Collection of home goods hand-picked by Fancy curators each month. Each box includes $80.00+ of products. 
Shipping – US=$7.95, CDN (NS) =$17, Global=$?

FoodiePages - The Tasting Box*
5 sample size items from Canadian food producers.
Shipping – CDN (NS)=$10

FoodiePages - Chef’s Box
5+ delicious foods and recipes from a top Canadian Chef
Not a subscription but they have one a couple of times a year
Shipping – Depends on weight & size

FoodiePages - Wine Club
2-3 bottles shipped direct from a Canadian winery
Shipping – Depends on weight & size

6 Full Sized Food Products
Shipping – US=$0, CDN=No service

Misto Box*
Awesome pkg: 4 - 1.75 oz (50 grams) of micro-roasted coffee samples from across the country
More Awesome pkg:4 - 3.5 oz (100 grams) 
Can be delivered every 2 or 4 weeks
Awesome: $25CDN/2 or 4 weeks
More Awesome: $35CDN /2 or 4 weeks
In the US it is $19 & $25 respectively
International is $30 and $40
Shipping – Included in price for US and Canada, Global = $?

Moustache Coffee
They ship single-origin coffee beans only and work with roasters in the Los Angeles area.
Duet - 1 - 12oz bag of beans sent to you weekly
Solo Artist - 1 - 12oz bag of beans sent to you bi-weekly
Lip Syncer - 1 - 12oz bag of beans sent to you every 4 weeks
Each of these options cost $19 shipping included.

Munch Better
5-8 healthy snacks
Shipping – CDN=$6

Original MunchPak contains 12+ full size snacks 
FamilyPak contains 22+ full size snacks
Also customizable for an additional cost
Original: $21/month
FamilyPak: $39/month
Shipping - US=$3, CDN=$15, Global=$35

My Bakers Box*
Select baking products
Anything from cupcake supplies, cookie cutters, edible sugar decorations, edible images
Shipping - US=$0, CDN (NS) =$10, Global=$?

Parachute Coffee
12 oz. of locally roasted whole bean coffee.
Shipping - US=$2.99, CDN=$0

Two sizes
Confectionery from well-known candy suppliers and manufacturers
Regular - $30/month
Epic - $50/month
Shipping - US=$10, CDN=$0

Turntable Kitchen
Contains: 1-2 Premium dried Ingredients, 3 Seasonal Recipes, Tasting Notes, Digital Mixtape,7” Vinyl Record
Shipping - US=Varies, CDN=$5, Global=$?

Vegan Cuts - Snack Box
7-10 Vegan Food items
Shipping - US=$0, CDN=$8, Global=$15


Bark Box*
4+ selected products and presents
Customized box to dog size
Shipping - US=$0, CDN=$5

Bowzer Box *
5-6 selected products and presents
Customized box to dog size
Shipping - CDN=$4.95

Paw Pack*
Starter: 2-3 full sized plus samples, $18/month
Premium: 4-5 full sized plus samples, $28/month
Deluxe: 6-7 full sized plus samples, $43/month
Eco-Friendly, Organic, or All-Natural
Selection based on pet type (cat or dog) and size
Shipping - US=$0, CDN=$10

4+  selected products and presents
Customized box to dog size
Shipping - CDN=$0


A quarterly box customized for girls ages 5-12
Themed and grouped by age
Shipping - US=$0, CDN=$10

Doodle Crate
Available for 4 specific age groups from 3-16+
Shipping - US=$2.95, CDN=No Service

The Happy Trunk
2 different age groups:
The 3-7 year boxes are themed activity boxes with art, craft and science activities
8-11 year age group are designed differently. These boxes do not follow a particular theme. Each box comes with 2-3 projects, one more geared towards arts & crafts, and one towards scientific exploration.
Shipping - US=$0, CDN=$9.95

Little Pnuts
Features 3-5 Organic, eco-Friendly, natural or sustainably made toys in each shipment
For newborn to 5 years.
Ships every 3 months
$75/quarter (Options)
Shipping - US=$0, Everywhere else=email for quote

Fitness & Healthy Living

Buddhi Box
Products to enhance yoga practice, healthy living, and a mindful existence
2 options:
2-3 samples + coupons ($11.95/month)
4-6 Full size products + samples ($30.95/month)
Shipping - US=$3.99, CDN=$9.99

Her Fitness Box
Contains: 1 x Designer Collaboration Product, 2-3 x Fitness Accessories, 6-8 x Deluxe Health and Lifestyle samples
Shipping – Global $15

3 types of boxes:
Lightweight (6-12 samples) ($14.99/month)
Heavyweight (10-20 servings) ($29.99/month)
Heavyweight XXL (25-40 servings) ($49.99/month)
Shipping - US=$0, Global=depends on size of box

Little LIFE Box
12 healthy alternative samples (Food, beauty, vitamins)
Shipping – CDN=$3.75


Bespoke Post
Limited edition themed collection of products
Shipping - US=$0, CDN=$10, $20 (depending on province)

Dive Bar T-Shirt Club
1 t-shirt from a rare and obscure dive bar
Shipping - US=$0, CDN=$5

Dollar Shave Club
3 styles of blades. Receive handle in 1st order, then 4 blades a month
Humble Twin ($3.50)
The 4X ($6.50)
The Executive ($9.50)
Shipping – CDN=$0

Five Four Club
Each package is valued at a minimum of $120
Shipping - US=$0, CDN=$25

Hot Spot Monthly
1 T-shirt from the best bars in North America
Shipping - US=$0, CDN=$6, Global = Varies

Items like socks, underwear, and undershirts
Price depends on the brands and items chosen
Ships Quarterly
Shipping – US=$0, CDN=$0

Put This On
1 Pocket Square
Shipping - US=$0, CDN=$7, Global = $7

Choose ties or socks, collection, and plan.
Ties: $25/month
Socks: $20/month
Shipping – US=$0, CDN=$10

Harry’s Razors Shave Club *
Three levels of  subscriptions
Everyday Shaver (8 blades, 2 gels shipped every 2 months - $15, blades only $7.50 Billed Monthly)
Occasional Shaver (8 blades, 2 gels shipped every 3 months - $10, blades only $5 Billed Monthly)
Infrequent Shaver (8 blades, 2 gels shipped every 5 months - $6, blades only $3 Billed Monthly)
Have a regular online store to purchase supplies outside of subscription
Shipping - US=$0, CDN=$6

3-4 Lifestyle Items, grooming product, discount codes & more
$34 CDN, $28 US (Offers discounts for multi-month subscriptions)
Shipping - $0 (included)

Personal Style & Stylish Home

Artibox Collective
3-5 surprise gifts
Shipping - CDN=$12

Cypress & 5th
Following combos:
Shipping – US=$0, CDN=$14.95
If there is a month which no combo appeals to you, you can opt out of that month

Magnolia Post Co.
3-4 fashion items each month
Shipping - CDN = $14.95

Panty by Post
3 styles
Everyday Basics ($15/month)
Premium Luxe ($35/month)
Signature Line ($22/month)
Sizes XS-5X
Shipping – $3

Full-size products and premium items worth over $100
Shipping - US=$0, CDN=No Service

The OX Box
Contains a surprise selection curated by The Oxford Trunk.
Various styles and box sizes
Small Box - $25/month
Large Box - $50/month
Shipping - US=$8, CDN=$20

Gaming & Technology

Geek Me
5-8 Geek & Gamer items
Shipping - US=$0, CDN=$13

Loot Crate
6-8 items
Shipping - CDN=$0

Various Box Styles

Fancy Box
Culinary, Style, Tech & Travel
Shipping - US=$7.95,  CDN=$17

Makeup, Accessories, Intimates 
Shipping - US=$0, CDN=$6, Global=Varies

* Currently subscribed or have ordered at least 1 box

Please Read

  1. Most of these costs are based on Canadian. There are adjustments to be made if using US currency.
  2. Many of these boxes are offered at discounted rates if you sign up for multiple month subscriptions.
  3. Many boxes do NOT include applicable taxes.


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