Winter Edition 2014 Luxe Box from Loose Button Overview

I've recently decided to sign up again for the Luxe Box. In that time they have switched from a monthly subscription to a quarterly subscription. 

Cost is:  $26/quarterly, shipping included

You receive 7-8 trial-sized products.

I look at the different size descriptions as follows:

Sample size: Good for 1-2 applications
Trial size: Good for at minimum 10 applications
Full size: Good for a lot more applications than trial

NOTE: Taking pictures at 1130pm is hard.

Products arrive in a lovely satin bag within a box within a box.

You do not receive a detailed description card but are instead directed to a website for more details.

Let's look at the products a little more closely.

NICOLE BY OPI - in Colour Profoundly Purple

Size value is $3.99 for 3.75ml.  It's a lovely eggplant purple colour.

BIOTHERM - AquaSource Cocoon

Size value is $15 for 15ml. Formula is for dry skin to increase hydration. It is a gel like texture but applies like a lotion.

LOOSE BUTTON - Eyelash Curler & MODELCO - Power Lash Mascara

Each are full size and retail for $20 each... Reportedly. I'm not convinced of the price.

BURT'S BEES® - Lip Crayon

Full size retail price is $9.99. The colour for mine is Niagara Overlook. Looks to be on the US Burts Bees website but not Canadian site.

AMIKA - Perk Up Dry Shampoo

Size value is $10 for 30ml. I have a can of this from another subscription box and it works pretty well and smells nice.

PAULA'S CHOICE - Clinical KP Treatment Cloths

Costs $14 for 10 cloths.  These easy-to-use keratosis pilaris wipes get rid of those little red bumps (aka chicken skin) and reveal smooth, even skin anywhere on the body.  

BUTTER LONDON - Matte Lipstick Sample - Kinda

Basically a drop of lipstick under Lift Here! To buy a full size is $25. My colour was Ruby Murray which is actually a nice red colour. I've had it on for 2 hours, pretty good staying power.

What do I feel about this box? I did receive 7 trial (or larger items) - The butter LONDON sample is a wash. Of the 7 items I will use 6 (Dry shampoo is not my thing) so I think it was an excellent first box "back". The satin bag is adorable.

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