Memebox Black Friday Special Edition #4 + Discount Codes

In my research into various subscription box offerings I stumbled across a Korean beauty site called Memebox. Very popular with many people, it offers collection boxes, individual skin care and make up items as well. Collection boxes are usually themed and most often contains full sized items.

I ordered one for my niece as a Christmas gift and one for myself to give it a try. The thing I've found with the boxes is that they are very popular or in very limited supply as they sell out  quickly.

Here's the thing you have to understand. Labeling is in Korean so they usually include an English card or a link to the item list (in English) so you know what you are getting. Also - ingredients can be... unusual. Read on... One or two items may make you say "Huh".

This Black Friday Special Edition #4 contains beauty skin care products. Five full-sized items to be exact.

Website with English information
As you can tell from the picture it appears that all items are full sized. That seems promising.

First up is A.H.C. miracle multi cream. It has a balm like texture with a small spatula to remove from the tub. Very pleasant lightly scented citrus. A little goes a long way.
A.H.C Miracle Multi Cream 100ml
Full size product: 100ml ($78)

Product Description: This Miracle Multi Cream provides moisture surge that lasts up to 48 hours long and contains over 85% of pure essential oils for repairing and firming up damaged, aging skin. It cleans up dull complexion by removing dead skin cells and protects skin from external stimulation by creating a thin protective barrier over top. Plus, its gentle formula is free of paraben, alcohol, benzophenone, mineral oil, and formaldehyde.
How to use: Apply over clean face as multi facial cream, overnight pack, massage cream, and even as a lip balm to dry, chapped lips.
(Best Opened Before  June, 2015) - Not sure why... But Ok.

Next is Cheekroom Lip & Eye Remover - Let's hope it doesn't remove my eyes and lips and just the makeup on it!
CHEEKROOM Lip & Eye Remover 100ml
Full size product: 100ml ($12)

Product Description
A moisturizing makeup remover with dual layers of cyclomethicone and rose water that quickly and easily remove all traces of waterproof and stubborn eye makeup and lipstick. Its formula is extremely gentle on skin and leaves sensitive skin around eyes and lips moist and soft after makeup removal.
How to use
Wet a cotton pad with the formula and place it over eyes and lips. Gently wipe away makeup residues. Rinse off with lukewarm water.

The third item is Benton Snail Bee High Content Essence - Snail Bee what?

I tried it tonight - no smell at all and a couple of pumps is plenty!
BENTON Snail Bee High Content Essence 60ml
Full size product: 60ml ($18)

Product Description: This product contains 90% snail extract and bee venom instead of water. Powerful ingredients such as snail mucin and bee venom help to heal acne, fade acne scars, brighten skin tone, and maintain hydration throughout the day. Snail mucin supports natural cell regeneration and replenishes moisture to increase firmness, and bee venom has natural anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral properties. The gel-like essence is also fragrance free! Best recommended for those with sensitive and troubled skin.
How to use: Apply essence evenly over clean face. Pat it in with your hands. Follow with serum, moisturizer, and/or night cream.

Snail Mucin and Bee Venom! I looked it up and every review claims this product is incredible. I don't understand it but I'm going to try it!

Fourth item is  Dearberry Ice Cream Hand Cream

DEARBERRY Ice Cream Hand Cream 01 Green Tea 30ml
Full size product: 30ml ($7)

Product Description: This creamy hand balm penetrates the skin quickly to protect, moisturize, and replenish dehydrated hands. The formula is enriched with naturally nourishing and emolliating ingredients to give you the softest hands ever. Plus, it looks like an ice cream. How can you resist?
How to use: Apply to clean hands and nails. Reapply as necessary.

Last item is Shara Shara Mint Tok Tok Lip Essence
SHARA SHARA Mint Tok Tok Lip Essence 8g
Full size product: 8g ($8)

Product Description
This smooth lip treatment helps repairs the look of wrinkles on and around lips. Boosts natural collagen production. Provides immediate and sustained antioxidant protection against the environment. Replenishes the natural moisture barrier so lips stay soft, hydrated. The refreshing mint fragrance is an added boost to your day.
How to use
Apply the lip essence to the lips. Reapply as necessary.

This box is priced at $19 plus 6.99 shipping. The declared total is: $123. These ship from Korea so it left December 9th and arrived in Nova Scotia on December 24th.

I haven't used any items yet so I cannot attest to the quality but I am sure as heck going to try them all.

January $3 coupon code on $30 or more (S&H and taxes do not apply)VYO2KB

Coupon Code: AFFILIATE-5712-RL6L2-UMTT
Program: $5 off on orders above $100

Coupon Code: AFFILIATE-7990-9841P-JGAG
Program: $10 off on orders above $150

Stay tuned!


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