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Yep, I love a subscription. Yep, I have ordered quite a few over the years. But I found this new one via another blogger and am really excited! This is a beauty subscription from the UK called Lip Love from So Susan. I think the name is a little misleading as the bag has a selection of different items not just lip products.

Worthy to note is that they have a online storefront as well.

Anything in italics are direct quotes from the website.

Here's how it works.

We created Lip Love out of the huge demand (i.e. hundreds of emails!) from our fabulous US-based fans who wrote in requesting a subscription plan for color-focused, skin-loving lip products that are inspired from our own range. This is how it all works :

  1. We publish a bag every month via our website, each box containing 4 items, 3 of which are lip based (we try very hard to formulate products with a multifunctional twist) + 1 bonus item which caters for other parts of the face. All bags contain full-sized items.
  2. You will be able to preview the bag and all its contents. Love what we have chosen? DO NOTHING* and the bag is on its way. Otherwise, you have complete flexibility to skip the month or gift to a friend before the bag goes out.
  3. We love to encourage chatter about the boxes so let us know what you think via Facebook! Use them, share them, love them and then tell us (and the world) about the amazing looks you've managed to create by sharing them on our Instagram.
  4. Don't forget to earn points & cash rewards by becoming an Ambassador of the Lip Love program. 
*This is a monthly subscription programme. After your first purchase you are automatically subscribed to receive a new bag every month. If you wish to skip a month, cancel your subscription or you just want a one-off purchase, simply email us at and let us know about your choice.

This month (as my 1st month) I received the March Bag. It costs $20.95 shipping included.

Bag Contains :

  • Fairy Lashes Curl by Jelly Pong Pong (worth $22 / £18)
  • Lip Dome in “Rhubarb” (worth $12 / £10)
  • Blush Duo by The Beauty Crop (worth $16.50 / £11)
  • BONUS ITEM : Liquid Powder Shadow Palette (worth $15/ £11)
Bag Value : $65.50/£50

100% Cruelty-Free (We do NOT test our products or ingredients on animals)
They put everything on their website prior to shipping so you know exactly what to expect. If you want to skip a month, send a month to another person as a gift before the sending date.

Enough of the overview, here are my photos and observations.

First item is Fairy Lashes Curl by Jelly Pong Pong (worth $22 / £18).
Any of you who follow this blog or my twitter know I never go ANYWHERE without my mascara. Nope, not even to grab a coffee. I've yet to try this mascara because I am currently trying to use up the 6 I have open. I'll report back.

 Next is Lip Dome in “Rhubarb” (worth $12 / £10). It's really a gorgeous pink colour and has a sweet, fruity smell.

Applied (please ignore tired eyes)
Blush Duo by The Beauty Crop (worth $16.50 / £11). I am conflicted with this product as I don't tend to favour powders and creams living together in a package - cross-contamination and all that. Also the pink is sparkly - very sparkly. Applied with a blush brush you actually need to apply it a couple of times. It adds a lot of sparkle but the pink payoff on my cheeks was not great. I had to go back in with another matte pink blush.

Swatch on my wrinkly hands

BONUS ITEM : Liquid Powder Shadow Palette (worth $15/ £11). Personally I favour a matte, natural eyeshadow look but this colour combo is perfect if I want more zing. I tried the green (lower left corner) as it is matte. The colour payoff was ok but there was a bit of drop down onto my cheeks.
 Last Bonus item was a butterfly bracelet. My 9 year old niece will love it.

Initial Impressions
For a cost of $20.95, I feel this package was well worth it. I mean, look at the bag alone! So freaking pretty. I love the flexibility that if I want to gift a bag or skip a month I can.

Looking to subscribe? Using this link you will receive a $5 off Voucher



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