March 2015 Paws & Play Standard Large Breed Dog Box + Discount Code

Paws and Play is a Canada-based pet subscription box program. They offer subscription boxes based on dog size, offer boxes for cats or a subscription for a mixed pet household. There are one-off themed special boxes too.

Here are a couple of the newer offerings:

Fresh Matters Special Edition Dog Gift Box (featuring a delicious assortment of grain free & organic farm to table fresh treats and cookies! Your dog will also enjoy a special surprise farm themed toy)

Cookie of the Month Club (receive one surprise gourmet artisan cookie or chew (MSRP $4.95- $6.95), sourced from Canadian & U.S doggie bakeries! Your cookie will be delivered along with special club offers and extra special savings certificates exclusively for Cookie Club members!)

BYOB for Cats and for Dogs - You can Build Your Own Paws & Play Subscription Box! (I am going to write more on this below - it will be in bold print)

My doggy is an AmStaff (pitty). She's a 55lb rescue dog and the best entertainment EVER!

Paws & Play ship membership boxes on the date you are billed, rather than on the 15th of each month.

For example: if your membership payment is completed on December 28th, your membership box will be processed to be shipped on the same day (December 28th) as your payment goes through."

I really like this option as most subscription boxes ship mid month so for our household there is a number of packages coming at once. I like the idea of staggered boxes arriving. My subscription renews on the 3rd so this means a box will arrive around the 8th or so.

I am going to speak to my subscription called the Standard Large Breed Dog but it is no longer available on the website. This happened to my To Go subscription too. Cancelled without warning. My current subscription is $19.95 and the new offering (Premium) is $34.95 (monthly or quarterly).

I emailed Paws & Play about my questions/concerns and got a really great response. However, the dilemma is whether I continue to review a box that is not available to new subscribers. Perhaps there is still value as you would get a sense of the value/quality of products they source.

They have guaranteed that I will never have my current subscription cancelled unless by me. Grandfathered in I guess.

What I will do is take what I received this month, plug it into the BYOB and compare as best I can.

What is in the Standard Large Dog Subscription Box?

From the Paws & Play Website:
Standard Box: This entry level box will include 3-4 of our most popular items, and is guaranteed to include at least one full sized treat and one premium toy!

They also have a premium monthly subscription and offer the premium box option quarterly.

Cost for the standard box is $19.95 plus shipping. The premium box is $29.95.

They offer free same day shipping to Canada and the US on all orders over $29.95.

Whew - enough info for now. Let's get to the March Box.

First up is Chomper Retro Tire Toss. Retails for about $12.95.

Look at my teef!
She like it right away and has not destroyed it yet! Huzzah!!!

Next item is Waggers Peanut Butter Tid Bits. It retails for about $7.95.  Was it a hit? You be the judge.

Amelia Salmon Paws is a salmon flavoured cookie. Cost is approximately $1.95. These cookies are hit or miss with the Goo. Good thing is, I usually gift them to a local animal shelter and they LOVE them!
Finally is a item for Ma. The latest copy of Modern Dog Magazine. I like to read these when unwinding at night.
Also included is a sample of PetKind Tripe Dry Green Tripe and Bison Formula. A 6lb bag will cost about $21.99.
So let's revisit the standard box...

From the Paws & Play Website:
Standard Box: This entry level box will include 3-4 of our most popular items, and is guaranteed to include at least one full sized treat and one premium toy!

3-4 items? Check
1 full sized treat? Check
1 premium toy? Check
Various samples? Check

I think this box is an excellent value. Well worth the $19.95 CDN cost.

Let me now take similar-like options and do BYOB for a large dog.

1 premium toy - $22.95 
1 standard bag of treats - $5.95
1 cookie - $3.95
Various samples - $0 

Grand total -  $32.85

Now the BYOB can be had with less expensive options but I was attempting like for like. What it highlights for me is how good the $19.95 value is - I don't mind surprises.

BUT if you are someone who wishes to customize the box to the teeth and price is not a huge factor, the BYOB is for you.  

Looking to subscribe? Get 50% off your first subscription with the code furball. Th
ey ship to Canada and the US. 

Here are my other Paws & Play reviews.

Tell 'em I sent ya!

Woof & Cheers,
The Goo and Lori


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