February 2015 Pawpack

I have a 55lb American Staffordshire Terrier that I affectionately call "The Goo" or "Goober". Adopted from a local rescue in August of 2014, she is a funny dog with lots of personality (read stubbornness). I love her to pieces and spoil her to a fault.

This spoiling has lead me to subscription boxes. Being a first time dog owner I have no idea what is out there for dogs and frankly going into a pet store stresses me out! I thought subscribing to boxes would allow me to discover what she likes or doesn't and really expose her to new things that I may not get locally.

I've viewed a fair number of blog posts before I decided to subscribe to PawPack. I have committed to at least 3 months to assess whether it is suitable for The Goo. They are fairly active on social media which I like. Their items will always be either Organic, All-Natural, or Eco-Friendly - that's a real good thing to hear. Our subscription is the Premium box. PawPack is customizable for the size of dog and offers and option for your cat.

The theme is National Pet Dental Health Month.

They ship the box on or about 21th the month, I usually receive it early the next month.

First up is Yaky Charms. I had no idea what it was so I went to the Google Machine. You pop it in the microwave and after 1-3 mins you have cheese bites for the dog. We're going to try it. Retail price is all over the place, as low as $2.19 to as high as $6.49?

Next is Whimzees Dental Dog Chew. The Goo sometimes will go for these (depending on her mood).

The third item is Tucker's Wag-A-Rounds. Raw, dehydrated beef liver and bacon treat. The Goo LOVES these.

Up next is Malibu Dog Kitchen Beef Treats. Retailing for about $14.99/bag it is made only using fresh, organic food products. Another hit with The Goo. Ingredients: Beef liver, apple, yam.

The toy for this month is a Katie's Bumpers Double Tug. Price is $15.75. Goo is not sure about it yet.
The last item is earthbath tooth & gum wipes. They recommend doing this daily - I laugh - they don't know my Goo.
So I had a bit of a shock when I went to the post office to collect my box.  I was levied a $15.04 fee "from PawPack" the postmistress said. An email to PawPack asking for an explanation resulted in a helpful response and a refund (to be forthcoming). I am not entirely sure why this happened this month and they hope to resolve it before the March shipment.

The monthly cost of the Premium box is $28/month plus $10 shipping to Canada (free in the US). It contains 4-5 full sized surprise items each month along with various samples and other goodies.

There is a Deluxe box at $43/month. It contains 6-7 full sized surprise items each month along with various samples and other goodies. I assume shipping details are the same.

Don't forget to take in account the US/CDN exchange rate, now the premium box with shipping costs almost $50 CDN.

If you are considering subscribing I recommend you google discount codes for pawpack - some are really quite good.

You can subscribe here.

My other Pawpack reviews.

Woof and Cheers!
Goo and Lori


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