January 2015 PAWS & PLAY Standard (Previously To Go) BOX

Honestly, every single package that comes into this household is assumed by "the Goo" to be hers. She even eyes my beauty and coffee subscription boxes hoping a liver treat is going to come tumbling out.

Paws & Play was the first subscription box that was ordered for "the Goo". They offer a really comprehensive selection of boxes from size appropriate ones (from tiny to giant breed), cat ones, special themed ones (like the Valentines one currently on), a toy only membership, cookie of the month and one for mixed pet households. They even have the option for the boxes to be shipped monthly or quarterly.

The have "lab assistants" (Read: pets) who test products and give feedback. I had put Goo's name in but there were lots of sweet and ready dogs and kitty's who stepped up to the plate. Maybe another time.

On with the box for January. 

Gertie Goo's subscription is the Standard  (previously To Go) Large Breed Membership option.

"This entry level box will include: 3-4 of our most popular items including a few samples, one full sized treat or one premium toy."

Taking pictures with dogs is hard.

First out of the box was the Hyper Chewz Ball. Cost $8.95

She's an enthusiastic chewer! This one hits all the right notes thus far.
Goo Approved

Next up was Baker's Best Autumn Harvest Bag O Treats retailing for $4.95.
Goo Approved. It has liver - that's all she needs to know.

Etta Says Liver Sprinkles. Costing $7.95 I've sprinkled them on her kibble and she is loving it.  Who knew LIVER would be a hit!
Petzlife complete toothbrush. Cost is $6.95. This was an extra item as I was missing one item from a previous box. Ma Approved. Goo = Dubious.

Each box always contains a couple of samples.

Goo Approved. They don't last jig time and the Kiwi Peak ones are perfect for treat training while walking her.

Cost of this box is $19.95/month plus shipping. For our household it is a fun event to open!

Here are my other Paws & Play reviews.

Cheers & Woof,
Lori and "The Goo"


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