January 2015 Bowzer Box + Discount Code

Yep, another pet subscription box. We've signed up for a 3 month stint with Bowzer Box, a Canadian-based company.

From the Bowzer Box website:

What is Bowzer Box?
Bowzer Box is a subscription service that delivers a box of doggy goodies every month. You sign up for a 1-, 3-, or 6-month subscription and will receive 5-6 items such as dog treats, toys, and accessories right at your door.  Bowzer Box includes a variety of handpicked items including full size toys and treats (wheat free), samples, and coupons from various brands that we, and our pooches, love. We look for only the best quality, tried and true products, and we aim to take the guesswork out of providing for your pup. Every box is unique and each one we will try to highlight a Canadian product. We promise to try our best not to repeat the same treat or toy.

All the treats we include are made in either Canada, USA or if we found something extra special from a top quality company in an awesome country.  Toys are sourced mainly from Canada and the USA as well, although sometimes if a toy from another country proves itself with our pups we’ll include it too.

End quote....

Yes, 'The Goo' is spoiled.

No, I don't care if it's too much.

No, I won't keep all subscriptions active.

Back to Bowzer Box.  It costs $29.95/month plus $4.50 shipping if you go month to month, there is a discount if you subscribe to multiple month packages (3 or 6 months).
I snorted

First up is the Canvas Newspaper from Ethical Pet. Retails for $12
It's scrunchy and has a squeaker too. Yep, she loved it. Yep, it lasted 20 minutes before she put a hole in it. Dr. Mama will have to repair.

Next is a Blueberry Crunch bar from Snicky Snaks. Costs $4.
She's not tried this yet. She's food-moody. Sometimes she loves a crunchy snack, sometimes she would rather stinky-chewy.

From The Honest Kitchen we received a Pro Bloom powdered goats milk. Retail price is $2.
Adds probiotics and digestive enzymes. Goo eats probiotic yoghurt, so I will try this with her too.

Whimzees Dental Chew from Holland! Costs $4-5 each.
She looks interested but undecided.

Smoochers Yoghurt Drops Banana-Strawberry flavour from Exclusively Pet. Price is $10.
This company specializes in finicky eaters. This was a NO GO for the Goo. Nope, not even a little. The local shelter will be getting the package.

Chicken and Bacon strip from Tuckers. This was gone in a flash and the picture is a blur of a dog running away with it in her mouth. She gobbled that up in a flash. Cost=$3.

So a selection of 6 items of which 5 will be used.  That's not too bad.

I look forward to the next boxes. The value of the box is $35. So about what we paid for the box. The cost is only one part, it's the amusement we get from opening the box.

Excellent info card

Interested in subscribing? (You will get 10% off your first subscription - yes this is an affiliate link)



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