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Originally posted November 2013

I never claim to be politically correct or socially adept at the best of times so if my terminology is not what is currently acceptable I truly apologize.  I never mean to insult, diminish or marginalize anyone.  Please bear with me.

My parents lived a comfortable but modest life. One thing that was very important to them and what they tried to instill in us kids is the sense of community and to help where we saw a need. I hope this small post in some way helps.  Thanks Dad, Mom, Irene and all of my family for being examples of good neighbours I aspire to become.

People struggle in our community(ies). Every day, every hour, in every way.  I don't pretend to know the circumstances at which a person arrives at any point of their lives. I try not to judge - simply to understand, feel compassion and help when I have the means to do so.

I know I am not alone here. 

Each one of you see situations daily that make your heart sing or ache. Powerful or powerless. Emboldened or tentative. A sure path or flailing around wondering what to do.

In the city where I reside there are organizations that help.  Persons, pets, processes, ideas. There are many of them who rely on us - the public to support their efforts.  Cash is tight, volunteers are desired - nay, in demand and the supplies for resources of all types are slim.

So it leads me to wonder what I can do? What can we do for our community?

Bless Google, Twitter and the telephone... I can put in words and BOOM, out pops information.

Now we are headed into the Holidays (Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa - and so many more), our minds often lead us to thinking of those who need us. Those in our family, in our community, in our society, sharing the planet.

Those by my definition doesn't necessarily mean people - animals, initiatives, etc all need our help.

Cripes I've said a lot - where's the meat of this post???  Yeah, yeah - you must be new to ask this question.  I RAMBLE... A LOT!

I have compiled (and will add to it) a list of groups who need our help. Some are wish lists for items, some are requests for monies, some are asking for your time. Take a look, take a moment, take some time to help. THIS IS NOT A COMPLETE LIST - Not even close.  Just a start.

Please note that I did not include National Charitable Organizations - not to infer that they don't need help. They have lots of great PR folks who get their word out. I thought I would focus on more local organizations or local chapters of national charities.

There are many. Don't be overwhelmed, please read through and hopefully discover one that will touch your heart. I have attempted to group them in categories for easier reading and is in alphabetical order by category.


Halifax Local Groups/Links/Requests

(Updated November 27, 2015)

Addiction Recovery

The Marguerite Centre - Ways to Help
They currently have 10 residents at the Centre.
Specific Items needed - personal items such as body wash, shampoo and conditioner, towels, facecloths, make-up, pens and journals, slippers (size 6 – 10), gloves, mitts and scarves.
Alcare Place - General Information


Feed Nova Scotia - Ways to Help
Hope Cottage - Ways to Help
Feed Others Of Dartmouth (F.O.O.D) - Link to News Article with Info (CH)
Parker Street - Ways to Help
General Listing of places in HRM - List


Demetreous Lane - Phone: (902) 229-3722
Brunswick Street Mission - Ways to Help
Fairview Family Centre - Ways to Help


On the Front Line Society - Ways to Help
NS Chapter of the CDN Mental Health Association - Ways to Help
Halifax Sexual Health Centre - Ways to Help
NS Chapter of Easter Seals - Ways to Help
NS Chapter of Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation - General Information


Dartmouth Learning Network - General Information


Camp Hill Veterans Centre are looking for:
PJ's - Sizes S, M, L, XL
Socks - Non Slip
Mittens, Scarves, Hats

They can be dropped off at the Security Desk before 4pm Monday to Friday.

Where is Camp Hill?
5955 Veterans Memorial Lane Halifax, NSB3H 2E1


Nova Scotia SPCA - Ways to Help
Hope for Wildlife - How to Donate
Bide aWhile - How to Donate

She's my Pitty Pillow
Litters N Critters - How to Donate
Nova Scotia Homeless Pet Project - General Info


Cole Harbour Parks and Trails Association - Donate



Out of the Cold Emergency Winter Shelter - Ways to Help
Shelter Nova Scotia - Ways to Help

Facilities Operated by Shelter Nova Scotia:
Metro Turning Point (for men): 902-420-3282
Barry House (for women): 902-422-8324

Salvation Army (for men): 902-422-2363


Adsum House - Wish List
Supportive Housing for Young Mothers (SHYM) - General Info
Stepping Stones - Wish List & Ways to Give
Hope Blooms - General Info
Phoenix Youth - Ways to Help
Laing House - Ways to Help
Alice Housing - Ways to Help
Youth Project NS - Ways to Help
Valley Child Development Association; S.M.I.L.E. - Ways to Help
Bryony House - Ways to Help
Avalon Centre - General Info
Alex's Safe Harbour - General Info
Junior Achievement (JA) Nova Scotia - Volunteering

The Halifax Regional Municipality also has a volunteer opportunities page that lists local organizations that need your help. 

To be somewhat selfish here - Helping others helps me!



  1. Thank you for including SHYM in your list. According to our stats we have already had a few referrals through your link.

    1. It is a wonderful organization and I hope this blog can help.


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