Every moment of every day someone, somewhere is facing their biggest fear. Some run towards and take it head on, some turn their back and wait for it to blow by and some run away like the hounds of hell are nipping at their heels.

I own a plethora of fears. Some are so deep and private I cannot even think of them, much less share with others. Some I talk about ad nauseum (clowns, certain condiments, rodents, the dark).

Typically I have a sense of urgency to share with people different parts of my life - a slip and fall, a tumble off a bike, ridiculous thoughts while waiting for trick-or-treaters, a nice meal at a restaurant... beer or coffee issues.

Right now though my sharing is minimal (I know, your first question is "well then why the hell are you writing in your blog?" followed closely by, "christ, I follow you on Twitter - you share a crap-load there"). I am not trying be coy with a passive aggressive post, just to simply explain that a fear of mine has rendered me... inept at sharing parts of me that I could not so long ago.

Please be patient, I'll return to this and to myself shortly. It's all for the greater good or rather... my greater good (obscure Hot Fuzz movie reference there).

For those who didn't notice that I wasn't updating here very frequently... carry on.


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