Being Thoughtful with Complaining

Beg pardon for the multiple "serious" or "maudlin" posts recently.  Sometimes you start with an idea and your mood then dictates the actual outcome.

Ready???  Let's start the week with positivity. Cripes, catch phrases make me cringe but there it sits... Positivity. Oh and by the way, sometimes my positivity is a bit arse-up.

Before you grumble with me, let me explain my reason for writing this.

I just spent the last weekend in Maine where my biggest concern was finding a hotel Friday night.  It wasn't how could I afford it, it was a "too many people, not enough rooms" issue.  So while I was moaning and gasping about the "blue bathroom" there were hundreds of thousands of people in peril in the Philippines with Typhoon Haiyan.

While I ate, drank and shopped for Christmas gifts - people perished.

While I strolled, laughed and flicked my hair - people lost everything.

"What the heck is your point Lori?" I know you are waiting for it.

I live a charmed life... I moan, I drip, I bluster, I complain, but in the end, I have everything that I need - nay, want.

We live a charmed life... If our biggest complaint is that the bus wasn't on time or that the coffee is cold... well, we don't have it too rough.

Does this mean that we should never moan again about our annoyances? Nope. Finding issue with things often means change for the better - history serves that complaining leads to both small and enormous change.

But pick thoughtfully what you find issue with...

If you have some spare cash (or can do without coffee today), maybe give to either/both of these organizations to help those harmed by Typhoon Haiyan.  You can do it right from your Cell/iPhone/BlackBerry/Android.

Unicef Canada - Text GIVE to 45678 to donate $10
Red Cross Canada - Text REDCROSS to 30333 to donate $5

The Canadian Government (and in the case of Unicef - Loblaws) is matching donations to a $ maxmimum.  Every bit helps.


The next post will likely be a baking/beer consuming one - much lighter and frivolous.


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