June 2012 GlymmBox Overview and Review

Yes.... I like the new look of Glymm.  Not as girly and in my opinion allows for more options (colours, patterns, etc) with the small bag that the items come in.  Another thing to note that the product card is no longer included and is posted on the website.  Very cool.

Much lighter to ship
Love the Blue
A peek inside
So what was inside:
  • LA FRESH Eco-Beauty® Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remover
  • CLARK'S BOTANICALS Intense Radiance Mask
  • SALVADORE DALI ItIsDream perfume
  • VITAMIN and SEA Perfect Skin Solution
  • BELVADA Duo Lipstick/LipBalm | Harmony

LA FRESH Nail Polish Remover

First up, LA FRESH Nail Polish Remover. Let me tell you, I will put this to the test to get the China Glaze glitter Nail polish off my nails this week!!!  Will let you know if it does the trick.  Remove polish and condition all 10 nails with just one pad???  We'll see!  If it does, then this is a good sample size - If not, then....

Full Size:  18 pads for $9.99.  Sample size:  2 pads

Rating: Hooray?

Clark's Botanical mask (masque) is not a brand that I am familiar with.  It's texture reminds me of a clay mask of yore. I did not notice a distinct scent.  Put it on clean skin and let sit for 25-30 mins.  Hmmm, I love a good masque!  They say a sample size should get around 10-12 uses.

Full size:  50ml @ $72.  Sample size: ~10ml

Rating:  Hooray!

Perfume... You either love perfume samples or you hate them.  I am neither a lover or a hater.  Some I like, some I dislike.  I count many of them as a toss in and not a true deluxe sample.  The scent is not my style but it will go in my collection in case I use it on a whim.

Full size: 60ml @ $54.  Sample size 2-3ml (they say 35 sprays)

Rating:  Meh

BELVADA Harmony in Soft Pink

Again, a totally new brand to me.  But the packaging is fantastic! Very sleek and each end has a pop out base which houses the lipstick or balm.  Love the logic and the colour!

Full size: 3.4g for $20.  Sample size is Full!

Rating: Hooray

The final item was from a brand called Vitamine & Sea.  A Canadian company...  Perfect skin solution is what they call it, a miracle serum which is a blend of essential oils and Vitamin E (hence the name).

Full size: 45ml @ $68. Sample size is 1.5ml (up to 5 uses)

Rating:  Hooray

A pretty good selection this month.  I do enjoy the bags a opposed to the boxes.  I hope they do fun things like stripes and patterns.

Overall rating:

Meh - 1

What did you think of yours?



  1. Really wish I had gotten the mask instead of the face cream and we got the same lipsticks!! I found this bag was just ok though compared to last month's bag. Love your blog!

    Would love if you checked out my blog.

  2. Hi! New follower here. I do like the lipstick but I agree with you - meh on the perfume. I wish the bag was a bit bigger though - I took it on a recent trip and could only fit a few products in there!

  3. I agree on the bag. I need the two to travel for a weekend!

    The VitaminE oil has a bit of a funky smell. Very nice (if used sparingly)on the face.

    Tried the lipstick today and it's really creamy!


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