Garden Evolution - June 21st, 2012

I decided to track it month by month for my gardener friends.  I like to see how the exact same garden just changes in 4 weeks....  Incredible!

The Front Garden
Front garden - June 2012

Front Garden - May 2012
View from the step
Anyone know the name of this?

Dwarf Lilac
When you walk up the driveway from the street you get this delicate smell of lilac...  Definitely a show stopper as I notice people out for a walk stopping in front for a look and a sniff.

End of Season Pasqueflower

Karl Rosenfield Peony

I split that grass (in the back) in 4 pieces!


 The Back Garden

View from the Back Deck

Same garden,  2 years ago

It's always a work in progress.  I have lost trees, growth which is natural for a treed area has sprouted and I need to add more crushed stone.

Brussels Sprouts, Garlic, Beets and Carrot
The raised box in the back is what my husband built 2 summers ago. Directly in front are some peas and beans I have started (behind the rock garden).
Growing in a bag
 I am growing a tomato, onion and a pepper in a bag on top of my start of the lasagne garden.  You can see a haskap bush to the very right.
Peppers and Tomatoes in pots

Towards the house

Potatoes in Buckets


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