Beauty Sample Box comparisions

Remember when I said I would compare the sample boxes?  A long time ago?

Well, this is the first month that I will receive all three.  They are:

LuxeBox by Loose Button

**Update on Feb. 24th  - I also just subscribed to GlossyBox

In all fairness, I have received Luxe Box and Top Box last month too, but this will be my first month for all three.

Stay tuned for comparisons...

In the meantime, here are the links to the respective websites.

LuxeBox -
TopBox -
Glymm -
GlossyBox -

If you wish to sign up (and help a ole gal keep her beauty sample addiction going), here are the links:

LuxeBox -
TopBox - coming
Glymm -
GlossyBox - here!


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