Makeup Brushes - How Do You Know...

A couple of Christmas Seasons ago, I gleefully purchased a holiday edition of MAC brushes. The brush I was most excited to try was the 187.

The 187 is the dual fibre brush is most often used to apply cream or liquid based costmetics such as foundation hightlight, blush and much more. It gives a beautiful air brushed-like finish which for me is a way to blur fine lines, larger pores and facial blemishes.

So here is a faithful account with my love/hate relationship with this brush. To be clear, it is a 187SE which means a shorter handle but the rest of the brush is the same. I started using the brush with my MAC Face and Body every day but noticed that there was a fair bit of shedding. It irritated me so I put it away.

Six months later I took it out again, determined to try it again. Still the MAC Face and Body, but a softer touch and a more of a swirling motion. The shedding continued. So I went to my knowledgable YouTube makeup gods and searched for techniques to use the brushes. I watched, I learned, and I tried... No change.

Away went the brush again and I decided to use an ELF foundation brush-a flat topped single fibre brush that worked like a dream. But it started to get loose around the metal. Boo hoo! But for a couple of dollars, I wasn't that upset.

Back to the 187SE. Now I use a lancome foundation liquid and it still sheds. Until I find a better brush I will keep brushing away the bristles.



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