MAC and Sephora... My Dilemma

For about 15 years, I was a MAC devotee. Pre-storefront in Halifax I would order online, plan to visit while on vacation and beg family to pick up items while away.  To me, they were the be all and end all of makeup for me.  And the amount I purchased gave me access to all the Sneak Peek events!!!

Strangely enough, I was in a Beauty Bar in Manila, PH and purchased some comparable products (Smashbox, Youngblood, Philosophy).  When I returned home, a quick search brought me to Sephora; after a shade less than 2 hours spent browsing I was elated!!!  Imagine a place that sells many different brands - and it's not a drugstore or the Bay!!!

Thus began my love affair with Sephora.  Again, prior to it opening in Halifax, I ordered online, begged family and friends alike to bring back items I "needed" and planned vacations around a visit.  I even had my poor suffering husband brave Sephora in NYC to get me things I needed.

MAC is wonderful, I have tried and true items that I use every day and no one will ever pry it away from me.  Still, the prices can be outrageous (especially brushes) and I sometimes just need a MUFE this and a Tarte that...

So...  Have I shopped at MAC since Sephora opened in Halifax?  No...  but my MAC needs are still there and when I need it, I will pop across the hall and buy it. It is across from Sephora no less!!!


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