It's not long now! Camino de Santiago Awaits

After my less than joyful last post on my voyage to hiking adventures I thought it might be a good idea to refresh myself and take a critical look at my thoughts when I wrote that entry. More specifically to gauge how I feel now.

How do I feel now???





PS... That last one is a zinger.

Not everyone has the luxury of time, friends, money and the physical ability to take on a trip like this.

But I do...

No one really knows how long we have to get out there and do shit so instead of moaning I'm going to do some living.

I hope you join me via this blog, twitter and facebook.

I guarantee it won't be dull.

I have bail money set aside for it.

Buen Camino!


  1. I first went on the Camino with little knowledge of what lay ahead - there were few websites on it back then. In some ways it was easier having no expectations.

    I hope you enjoy,
    Buen Camino


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Thanks ever so much!


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