May 2014 BeautyBox 5

I had taken a break from subscribing to Beauty Sample boxes. While I enjoyed them it got to a point where I had a collection of things I couldn't use or weren't items I would ever wish to.

Please don't misunderstand, I've found many wonderful samples from companies that I still faithfully use and to that end I think subscription boxes are a great way to experiment and discover new products.

For the past 6 months, I've subscribed to one Subscription Box only, BeautyBox 5. I've not blogged about them, just tried them out to see if a) the product selection is good; b) would I recommend them to others. It costs $12 month shipping included.

Thus far I've be pleased with the boxes so I thought it was time to start back at sharing the boxes with other subscription box and beauty product fans.

Enough of the intro - let's dive in!

Secret Clinical Strength Antiperspirant Full Size: $10.99 CDN, $7.99 USD
Rating: Mehhhh
Size: Full

H2O Plus Spa Sea Lotus Body Wash  Full Size:$18.50 for 12.5 fl oz
Rating:OK - Scent is light and clean.
Size: 1 fl oz

Just Being Sexy Bronzer. Full Size: $49 for 6 oz.
Rating: Unfortunate - I hate Body Bronzers
Size - 3X6ml packets

Swissco toe separators. Full Size: $2
Rating: Meh
Size: Full

Nubar Nail Polish in Blondie. Full Size: $8 for 1/2 fl oz.
Rating: Unfortunate - Never going to use
Size: 1/4 fl oz

Overall impression - Unfortunate. The highlight is the deodorant.... Deodorant!!  Oops. Pardon me, Antiperspirant.

Since it typically takes longer for the boxes to ship to where I am, I usually see what others get in their boxes before I receive mine.  I saw eyeliners, facial masks, etc. so I was hopeful.  Alas, apparently they think I stink and sent Secret to rescue me.

If this was my first box I would cancel my subscription quicker than you could blink. But since I've had better ones in the past, I'm hoping that I get off their hate list and June's will be much more promising.


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