Life is Never Simple

I know words in the title is oft used and applies to anything but it's the only words I can come up with today.

This post is both sad and irreverent - if you feel that I will offend you, step away.

Relationships with parents are complicated...

Before I start my meandering ramble let me share with you some of my life experiences. Some of you know it, but I'll assume not.

Cancer is a fucking bastard...  It has steeled it's eye on my family and delights in wreaking havoc and devastation.  I know it's not only my family but today I am selfish.

A year ago today my dad slipped away - not slipped away with a fake passport to Tahiti but after a year of treatments pancreatic cancer took another soul.

Kind of a sad note to start at but it isn't - truly.

You see my dad was funny - dry humour, great timing funny.  Most times it was natural, not a conscious effort, just things he said or did made us laugh.  He could turn a phrase in such a way that had me in stitches.

He was my hero. Every day - even times that we didn't agree or I thought he was unreasonable or strict I loved my dad. His life wasn't easy, losing his wife to cancer and having 3 children to raise. He was pragmatic, honest, helping his community/church/family was the right thing to do.

See? We were lucky kids.

As a child, we imagine our parents would live forever - invulnerable to everything. When we age we should expect our parents to do the same, but we don't - it comes as a surprise and then we see them as frail. 

This time last year I stood at the foot of a casket but I only saw my dad - with an 8ft log on his back, walking down the hill and tossing it on the pile. The man who could lift a mountain and taught me about growing potatoes in a bucket... 

His lessons were big.  Treat people well, live happy, work hard and love.
Dad, my step-mom and my niece


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